First counting experience
  • I was at the local casino tonight intending only to use a progression, but since I've been working with CVBJ to learn the KISS III count, I decided to count along. In 2.5 hours I had 3 shoes with a count over 23 (which I understand is very unlikely) and each time I decided to get some money on the table.

    I had only $1500 in my pocket, and I ended up down to $300, then BJ on a big hand, big double down, up to $1900 .... then back down to $300 before I left.

    I would get stiff hands and knew that the next card would be a 10, so I had to hit. Sure enough... bust. The dealer would have an Ace up, and the count wasn't high enough to insure my $300 bet.... dealer BJ. Only good part is that no one paid attention to my big bets. The dealer never even said "cheques play".

    I know that one doesn't always win, even when counting, but I didn't expect it to be so damn frustrating! Anyone have any words of wisdom?
  • Welcome to the casino.


    (I actually had a dealer tell me this after dropping a couple hundred in about 2 1/2 minutes, once.)

  • First off, you must practice ALOT. It would also probably be best to start off with the KISS I, it is a very effective system although you won't neccesarily get maximum gain out of it. Also memorize the advantage charts, this gives you more clear distinction of when to make certian moves and when not to.

    Remember however that it can still be very frusterating at times and that no matter how good you are you can still lose. Even the MIT students had losing sesions including Ken Uston. WE ALL DO! I chose my stopping point when I can no longer keep track of the cards or get tired or alas is a bad night.

    One other thing, avoid getting overly excited while winning a big bet or lossing a big bet because your emotions can be your worse enemy. If you find yourself getting angry or overly excited take a break for a while, maybe the night. Even though it's just like starting over, I would much rather start over with a nuetral attitude than a negative or even a real excited state.
  • Big Slick,

    I don't know if I can offer any words of wisdom, but, as they used to say, I feel your pain!

    I think a lot of us beginning counters tend to overestimate our advantage. Suppose by counting we can turn a 0.5% house advantage into a 1% player advantage. We think this is huge, but in fact things have just barely tilted our way. It's only a 1.5% swing. Still PLENTY of room for luck to be involved.

    Yes, it sucks having to hit your stiff hand when you're fully expecting a 10, but at least you're sticking with basic strategy. The one that gets me is standing on 16 vs. 10 because the count says to, and then seeing the next card is a 5.

    Sometimes you can see bad luck operating... Not too long ago was playing with a fairly high count, thinking I had every right to expect a 20. The two other players and the dealer all got 20s, I got a 15. I figure I'm the one who's going to all the trouble to count this shoe, why should I get the 15? Just didn't seem fair.

    As Mike said, welcome to the casino!

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