No Splits
  • Played in a 3-hour Pub Fun Tourney on Saturday (2 decks) and in the whole 3 hours never did get a pair to split! Wonder what the odds are to play that long with no breaks and not have a splitable pair. My results using just basic strategy with the free $500 chip start, up to $1700, blew it all in the last 3 hands with $1100 making a $500, $500, and $100 bet. Well, it was fun and good practice for my trip to Vegas on the 28th!! They would only let you double on a 10 or 11 and they paid DOUBLE on BJ's. I think all neighbourhood pubs should have this every weekend because it does take the stress out of learning how to play, count, etc. The prizes at the end were for dinners, beers, and I think $100 cash for the person with the most chips at 6 pm.
  • Where is this at?
  • Oh, in Kamloops, BC, Canada...For this type of event no permits etc. are required as there is no cash involved...just prizes. It's a win/win situation for the bars as it really brings in a crowd...and a lot of people who just like to watch.
  • Have you ever heard of Vancouver pubs running similar events?
  • No, but it might be a great business to get into if a person were unemployed! The BJ tables they brought into the pubs were in horrible condition so they must of picked them up pretty cheap I bet and the chips and cards (used, with holes punched through them) had Canadian Casino on them so they probably get them free as they would be trash from the BC Casinos.

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