Hand interaction
  • Last night I was playing basic strategy at 3rd base and I hit a 12 against 13. I busted, took the dealer's bust card, and pissed the entire table off. I was only betting $5 while the some of the others were betting $25. A few hands later I had 12 v 2 and announced that I was going to hit but if someone wanted to pay me $5 they could buy my hand from me and play it any way they wanted. They took me up on it and I think I sold a loser.
    For the rest of the night I sold 12, 13 and 14 against all 2's and 3's since the table didn't want me to take the "bust card". I wouldn't have hit 13 and 14 but the table thought that I might so I was able to sell them too.
    Is this good strategy?

    I didn't sell my A7 vs 10 even though that pissed them off that I hit it as well.
  • hell yes. if you can find enough suckers to take your losing hands from you, and a casino that will let you, more power to you. if they are dumb enough to believe that nonesense, they have no business playing 25 dollar hands... out of curiosity, what happened when they "bought" your hand and lost anyway? or was that conveniently forgotten?

    its immoral to let a sucker keep his money.
  • Well, it was worked out very well for me. My hand busted or would have lost more than it would have won and it "saved" their $25 hand so they continued to think it was a good deal.

    I definitely recommend trying this "trick" at 3rd base. I'm not sure how much you gain in overall expected value by selling all your 2,3,4's against 2's and 3's but it sure helped me that night.


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