• I've always played basic strategy with positive progressive betting. I'm now learning to count,using Renzeys' Kiss III count. Anybody out there have any casino experience with the Kiss count?
  • I'm trying KISS II and can fairly accurately count a deck down in under 30 seconds but this did not prepare me for the casino. I kept getting the count confused with the total of my hand plus the total of the dealers hand. I've now modified my counting so that 50 = 10. In 6 deck that means that I start counting at 49 and get into favourable counts at 60. This seems to help as my count is never similar to any of the hand totals unless I really get carried away and hit up to 45 :-). I'm back to practicing at home. I knew I wasn't casio ready but I just couldn't resist the temptation!
  • If you are serious, go to and buy the casino verite program. It is a very effective tool for practice at home that transfers well to live play. However, you need some computer knowledge to put in the KISS system because it does not come pre-loaded with it like some others. I have set it up to practice 2 deck, 6 deck and 8 deck play with all the changes according to the count. I have also made an adaptation like Skunk, except that I make 50 my "pivot" point (or the "20" in KISS). I had the same problem: "Was 19 my last card total, or is it the count??????" I have used KISS often at my home casinos which only have 6 or 8 deck play and it is not very useful as one has to wait and wait for an advantageous shoe. I finally was able to try it in a 2 Deck game in Vegas a few weeks ago, and was more successful. Good luck with your practice.

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