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  • Hello all! I have been lurking here for about three weeks after being hooked on bj in Vegas. My wife and I were there while I was playing in a Senior Softball tournament but I didn't have the courage to play anything in the casino except slots and video bj. After returning home I found this website and have been practicing BS at the hitorstand game and with ace-ten.
    I am thoroughly enjoying reading the posts here and have learned a tremendous amount. For you experienced players, you don't realize how much you are teaching the novice. Thanks!
    I only have limited experience with casinos in New Orleans, Vicksburg, Reno and Vegas. My question is this, what casino would recommend along the Mississippi? Our wedding annivesary is approaching and we would like to try our hand at bj at one of the casinos in Tunica, Vicksburg or Biloxi. I think all of these are equidistant from N. Atlanta. We weren't impressed by the Ameristar in Vicksburg but have read good reviews about Tunica and Biloxi.
    Do any of you have suggestions for a particular casino, hotel and/or restaurants?
    Are deals available in late November?
    Thanks in advance.
  • My favorite place is the Beau Rivage in Biloxi. If you drive and end up on I10, I110 takes you into biloxi and dumps you onto highway 90 about 100 yards west of the Beau.

    Nice hotel, Nice casino. Only problem is that it is one of the more popular casinos. On weekends it gets stuffed and all the tables (BJ) end up being $25 minimum and up. They usually have 1-2 10 dollar tables, if you can get on 'em. My son and I often play as a "team" and we like the Imperial Palace. It's off the main drag and isn't so crowded, and there are far more lo-limit tables to choose from.

    The Grand is also nice with a good casino, but it is also on Highway 90 and is popular and over-crowded on the weekends..

    From Atlanta, assuming you are driving, that is probably the best bet. You could take I59-20 (I20 west from Atlanta) and go to Meridian MS and take a 60 minute drive up to Philly which is also OK. Only two casinos last time I was there, not sure if something new has been added.
  • Thanks for the reply! I think that we will go with Biloxi. I have received several recommendations for the Beau Rivage. If we don't stay there at least I'll try their tables.
    A tip that I got from friends is to stop at the Mississippi welcome center and they will make reservations for you at a great price.
  • Bruce

    If you are planning to drive to Biloxi I would avoid Birmingham if at all possible. Last week a tanker truck burned under one of the I 20/59 bridges at malfunction junction in Birmingham closing the interstate at that point, resulting in quite a detour around it. I would take the southern route thru Auburn toward Montgomery & pick up 59 there. I think this is I 85.

    Hope this helps.
  • I should have said to pick up I 65 at Montgomery & take to Mobile where you get on I 10 across to Biloxi. However if you do go to B'ham use I 459 off I 20 to I 65 South.

    Good luck at the casinos, I've not been to Biloxy in quite a while, have been going to Tunic since we have a son in Memphis.
  • Were I driving from Atlanta, I would probably take I-85 to Montgomery, I-65 to Mobile, then I-10 west to biloxi taking I-110 off of I-10 into Biloxi right at the Beau.

    I59-20 is going to be a zoo for a while at malfunction junction. But when I drive to the coast from Birmingham, I'd go down I-65 myself (I live about 15 miles South of Birmingham in Pelham). If you want to go to the Pearl River Resort, I'd take I20 from Atlanta, but swing around Bham on I459 and pick up I20-59 on the west side of Bham where 459 joins 59 at Bessemer...
  • Thanks for the warnings guys. I am somewhat familar with I85/I65 through our many trips to Pensacola.
    I have BS 98% memorized and plan to have it down pat by the end of Nov.
    I'll post with my results in Biloxi when I return.
  • We had a good time at the Beau Rivage, dispite my blackjack play. The Beau is very nice and would recommend it to all.
    This was my first attempt at bj and I was really nervous. I found a $5 table and converted $100 to chips. I had another $100 that I would add to this if needed. My thought was to play the first evening till I won $50 or lost $50. At first I was down $40 but then the cards turned and after a short while I was up $20 - $30. My wife then said that it was time to eat and after putting her off for 10 or 15 minutes I left the table up $15. When we returned 45 minutes later the minimum was now $10. After checking the other tables and not finding any $5 tables I returned and joined. In 6 hands I had lost $50 so I quit for the night. I don't think there were many winners at the table when I left.
    The next day around noon I returned and didn't have much better luck. I thought that I would give video bj and try and did that for a couple of hours. I tried the bj tables once more that evening but still didn't do well.
    I am somewhat disappointed, not doubling or tripling my money. :roll: I see that I need more work with BS. I only made a couple wrong plays but I now realize that I must be quicker with my plays, especially A7 and 99. I also realize that I have to come up with a better plan on when to quit. Maybe also I need to explain to my wife that in the future I won't leave a winning shoe to eat dinner.
    I don't think that I will ever be able to count cards. I had a hard enough time just concentrating on my own hand.
    As for surprises, the first dealer was a jerk without a personality, The other 5 or 6 dealers were nice and very helpful.
    One player wanted to play two hands on the $5 table and the dealer told him he would have to play a minimum of $10 to do that. Have any of you come across that?
    For those of you the are interested in penitration, the shoes had a slot about 1/2 inch from the back and they always put the penitration card there. I don't think they were worried about card counting at our table. :lol:
    One bright spot, there was a young lady sitting next to me that was betting $25-$150 a hand. She knew BS very well and was getting some great hands. I think she was there 10 or 15 minutes before I joined and when she left after 45 minutes she colored up for $1500. Another player asked what she started with and she replied $200. After she left, the pit boss asked our dealer about her and she relayed the $1500 from $200 to him. I assumed that had to do with rating her.
    My wife and I are planning on another tip in mid January. Maybe I'll do better then.
  • 1. No need to play quickly. As you learn to count (if you go that way) you need to learn BS cold so that you can play it in your sleep, otherwise you are going to have a splitting headache after keeping up with the count, totallng your hand, and trying to remember BS at the same time. Play at whatever speed you want to play at. That is one important lesson, the dealer can _not_ pass over you if you are too slow, he has to wait for you to make your playing decision. So get it right, and don't worry about rushing.

    2. playing 2 spots is common, and many casinos require that you play 2x the min bet on each of the two spots. Some don't, so you have to ask... Sometimes this varies at the same store. IE I have played two spots at the Beau without having to play 2x (I rarely do this and when I do it is to play with more money, so the 2x isn't an issue).

    3. slot in shoe or discard tray is not uncommon. 1/2" is about 1 deck. I've seen more like 1.5 decks cut off when I've played 6d shoes at the Beau. But on occasion I have found dealers that ignore the slot and cut off fewer cards, maybe only a full deck, but this is not that common...

    4. Don't forget, BS is _not_ a winning strategy. You are going to lose about 1/2% of every bet you make. 5 bucks a hand, 50 hands an hour = $250 of action. .5% of that will be vacuumed from your chip stack over that hour period, if you make no BS mistakes at all. Figure $1.25 disappearing every hour... Cheap entertainment compared to a movie, but not profitable over the long haul...

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