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  • I've been hearing about a change to the gaming laws in and around London (I take it for all of the UK), allowing 'american' style casinos to operate, with slots, mega-bucks, and a relaxation of the 24 hour rule amongst others.

    Can someone from across the pond give us an update? Last I heard was on Oct. 19, the script was published. On other sites, there has been considerable noise about Billions being backed, and a few big "Clubs" to be built (Stanley and Caesers notably).

  • Well it is't going to be really all that BIG of a difference, if you've been a regular gambler at casinos, the big hubbaloo is the effect on people who don't normaly go to casino ect ect, and the addiction side of it and the "poor people" frittering a way their money on the BIG jackpot fruit machine ( slots ) though what they seem to be doing is reducing them in places like cafes, shops and giving them the ok to have them in proper licenced casino with massive jackpots ( they are very concerned about the addiction factor on these machines ) the sea side resorts in England, are real interested as it gives them Las Vegas style entertainment for a year round income as they tend only to be busy in the summer time ( for donkey rides along the beach type thing ) as well as some football clubs are rubbing their hands as BIG casino names are giving them money to build Las Vegas style casinos next to their stadiums on their land, here some info links:

    The long-awaited Gambling Bill paving the way for new casinos across the UK has been published by the government.

    Plans to liberalise Britain's laws on gambling have been defended by Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell.

    Prime Minister Tony Blair has defended plans to overhaul gambling laws, saying they need updating to protect children and those who already gamble.

    Gambling Bill 'to open floodgates'

    Gambling shake-up to create super casinos
  • Thanx Colin, I'll get to them very shortly. So the main concerns is the slots and the effect of the large jackpots. A neighbor of mine from Birmingham, says the clubs are limited in the jackpots to about 2000 pounds. From the one or two articles, I've read these big jackpot (megabucks type) machine are the heart of the matter.

    Thanks again
  • OK, I've perused them. Boy are they trying to force 'americanization'.

    IMHO limit the jackpots to 10000 times max coins, with max coins limited to 5. Unlimited here means 45 coins in on many newer slots (even at $1). Denomination max 2 pounds. Separation of the 1 and 2 pound machines should be necessary, putting them in the hi-roller areas.

    On the other hand the scripts do well to plan the shops and smaller establishments away from the younger crowd.

    Hopefully you Brits can limit the influence a bit to 50 mega-casinos. The Daily Mail would have us believe 200+.
  • Nickels- What did you find out about the 24 hr. rule? This spring I was
    planning a trip to Ireland with a stop over in London casinos. The rule
    was still in effect then, but maybe that will change....Ray
  • As for the 24 hr rule, that would be relaxed (its one of those 'archaic' laws passed in 68). Currently the bill(s) presented look to be coming to a head around spring 05. There WILL be some compromises made.... but one should figure the 24 hr rule to be extinct WHEN PASSED. No crystal ball here, its in the hands of Parliament.
  • Ray, You'll have a GREAT time in Ireland. My wife and I visited there 3 and 5 years ago and were the best vacations (or holidays as they would say) we've ever had.
  • Bruce- We have a house down on the "Ring of Kerry" and like to
    get there for the music festival at Caherciveen. If you ever get
    down that way, be sure to take the boat out to Skelligs Michael. In
    the 6th century this big rock was the site of an isolated christian
    monastery. It's like going to the moon.

    There are two casinos in Dublin & they are very low profile, rather like
    the UK. Gambling halls have been around for centuries, but in that
    part of the world they are very conservative about such things.

  • I didn't know the Irish had any casinos. I'll just tell my wife that there's another reason we need to return.
    We did the Ring of Dingle and stayed in Tralee. What a beautiful country!
  • Bruce- One of my in-laws, an x mayor of Dublin, gave me the info.
    Find them @:
    The country is "Eire" (Ireland) after you click on UK on the map provided....
  • If you are organised and you are planning to come to the UK and think you may be interested in finding a casino to play, The main 3 BIG casinos in the UK are Gala, Grosvenor and Stanley if you go through the following links you can join by email in advance of your visit, ( you need to allow at least 24 hours for your membership to be activated, and you still will need to bring your passport / driving license with you as a form of id on your first visit ), this is really the only way that gets around the 24 hour waiting "Cooling off period " untill such times the goverment regulations decides you can just walk off the street in to a casino :roll:

    Gala Casinos:

    Grosvenor Casinos:

    Stanley Casinos:

    Casinos in Ireland:

    They are other UK casinos:

    If wish to phone a head they will send out a membership application in the post. Remember, you need to allow at least 24 hours for your membership to be activated



  • Police attack money-laundering exemption deal for US casinos,,2-523-1338111,00.html

    It was the second reading of the Gambling Bill in the House of Commons today:

    I came across this forum:
    " An online resource for casino trade and industry news "
    its got a whole load of different interesting links and non-blackjack forums there, well worth checking out

    Cheers :wink:

  • A GAMBLING expert has warned that 'Glasvegas' faces mounting health problems if a string of new casinos are allowed to open in the city :!: :
  • After reading the article about the 'money-laundering' concerns, the police have an excellent point taken. I for one would NOT raise those limits much if at all. The word "Integrity" comes to mind. IMHO that issue is a mere distraction, and should not be altered as currently legislated... what will the casino's do... back out over that point? NOT !

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