Blackjack Comps
  • Does anybody know an actual comps formula for a LV or AC Casino?
    You know : Bet amount X hands per hour X House Edge X 30-40%
    Not somerthing you read online but an actual formula used by a Casino
  • I don't know the exact formula (wish I did), but I do know it has to do with your average bet and number of hours of play. Multiply that by some factor (the missing piece) and you have the comp rate.
  • Since about 1980 the formula has been:

    Comp = Average Bet x Hours Played x House Edge X 40%.

    However, I hear some places have simplified it recently; but if they have it is probably just a variation of the above.

  • So I play two red for 1 hr at S17 and get:
    $10 x 1hr x .7 x .40 = $2.80 in comps
    Correct?? :roll:
  • Buzzo1,
    Perhaps more important than a formula is the old saying "you can't get what you don't ask for"...... :wink: The days of the casino just offering up comps for the sake of you playing at the table for a few hours may be fading away. Don't be afraid to ask for dinner, tickets, etc; the worst you can hear is the word no :oops: . But if you don't ask, you probably won't be offered anything unless you are throwing big money around.
  • Here are two articles that I found at Casino City Times.

    They might help. Since I'm a novice, I don't know anything about the author.
  • Try $10 x 1 x 70 x .007 x .40 = $1.96 in comps 70 hands per hour
    But am still looking for an actual formula
    Several sites say house uses 2% for average player, I believe house uses actual basic strategy edge. Reason for asking is I have patent pending for BJ game and need measure effect on comps which are now non-existent in most cases for low limit players but hope to change that.
    Example at Isle of Capri in Black Hawk. Colorado need play 2 hands at
    $5 ( max- min bet lol) for 4 hours to get a breakfast comp. And casino opens at 8am and breakfast stopped serving at 11:30 ROFLMAO.
    $10 x 4 x 70 x .0200 x .40 = $22.40
    $10 x 4 x 70 x .0043 x .40 = $4.81

    I believe the casinos use actual Basic Strategy edge not 2% as in most online articles but looking for conformation. 70 hands per hour is valid here in Colorado due to $5 max bet and minimum at most casinos also.
    Dealers here average 450-650 player handsa per hour depending on the table and players. Isle here averages about 10 -15 percent above other Isle properties.
    Thanks for info so far but still looking for valid source
    for BJ comp formula in AC or LV

  • Speaking of having to ask for comps......I just had a strange thing happen I thought you guys should know about. I've been practicing basic strategy and developing a betting system I'm comfortable with. I was doing so well in simulation I figured I would need to really give it a try in Vegas. Just to get started, I went to Harrahs Rincon locally. I only played a few hours, some on slots and some blackjack (when I got up the nerve) - betting from $10 to an average $40 in progressions.

    Thinking about MAYBE going to Vegas around Thanksgiving, I checked online reservations. They had a great deal - 49 a night for the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Just for a hoot I put my Rewards card number in.....and the four nights I selected came up FREE.

    I never would have expected this based on the amount I spent at Rincon! :) Actually, I didn't spend a thing since I came out ahead. :) Hopefully, the same will be true in Vegas!

    Happy betting!
  • Thats GREAT! I also am a rookie and will try my BS strategy in Biloxi the end of the month.
    Good luck in Vegas!

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