Tournament Strategy
  • Going to play my first BJ tournament this weekend at a local Indian Casino.
    First rule: Read the Tournament Rules!!
    Rule: All players will receive $500 for their $25 buy in.
    Rule: First 13 hands (of 18 Hands) max bet is $500. Last 5 hands no $ limit.
    Rule: Unlimited rebuy @ $10 will be offered for $500 additional chips any time the player has $500 or less in chips.

    So why not use following strategy at the start?
    (1) Buy in for the extra $500 before the first hand is dealt. Thus BR goes to $1,000. (I watched a game last weekend and most players did this.)
    (2) First bet $500. If Win have BR of $1500: If lose BR drops back to $500 and buy another $500. Keep it up until I win one bet, at that point I will have a BR of $1500 and bet min for awhile.
    Comments???????? :idea:
  • More info needed:
    How many players will be in it ?
    How many rounds will they be playing ?
    How do you advance ?
    Is the top 1,2 or 3 players from each table moving on or is it total dollar amount won, of all who entered ?
    Is it a 100% pay back ?
  • Hi Midnite,
    Data from the game I saw last week;
    (they stated 2 weeks ago and plan on a game every Sunday)
    Estimate six tables of six players each.
    18 hands per round, three rounds
    First 13 hands per round max bet is $500, last 5 hands no limit $$ bet.
    Top two or three $$ players from each table advance to next round
    (how many advance depends on how many sign up)
    Payback is 90%, split 6 ways at last table.
    Pool buy in is split: 1st 50%, 2nd 20%, 3rd 14%, 4th 9%,
    5th 5%, 6th 2%. Pool pay out was about $1100 last week.
    Rebuy any time first round for $10 for $500 chips, if player has $500 or less, Add on $$ at beginning of second round is $10 for additional $1000 chips. 8)
    PS: I just ordered Wong's book on Tournament Strategy! :lol:

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