washington state casinos
  • anyone know which casinos in washington state have good player friendly games and which don't?
  • If your in the Seattle area DON'T play at The Drift, They give terrible penetration with the only decent rule being the surrender rule. Some of the dealers will offer alright penetration but its usually during the day time. The tulilap casino actually offers great penetration especially their new one and you can resplit aces and double down on any number of splits except aces. Overall a beatable game but I suggest to wong in most of the time since the vast majority of casinos are 6 deck games.

    You can find a few double decks but their rare and usually about 25 dollar miniums with no midshoe entry. Still if you have the bucks and want to play one go to Goldies on aurora. They offer one but be warned the penetration is although decent the game is watched pretty carefuly by the security since people built some teams and took them for alot of money, 'my brother works there.' I am not sure about the other casinos in washington but I believe the vast majority are 6 decks in washingon.

    Goldies are 8 decks and same with the Golden Nugget and Silver Dollar.
  • Thanks for the information on The Drift On Inn. I had wondered why I couldn't win there in the spring when I was counting hi-lo.

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