This Amazing Website
  • This is the most amazing website for blackjack lovers everywhere. It's great to share ideas,opinions,and blackjack experiences-and where else could one ask questions of the expert players on this site like Grifter?
    Where else could one ask questions of and get answers from the likes of Fred Renzey and Walter Thomason? It's fantastic!
    I wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
  • Thanks Prog, I whole heartedly agree!
    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
  • I personally love to read Grifter's answers. He's obviously been doing it a long time. Of course, others like progressionist seem to be equally knowledgable. It's too tempting to forget about the beginners when you've done this a while. It's important that we don't forget...
  • Thanks for the comments......Haven't really been playing that long, Gorilla. It will only be 40 years this spring since I played the Nugget and the Shoe for the first time. :wink:

  • that was only a couple of years after dirt was first invented. :)

    Would really have liked to know what I know today, and been able to play 40 years ago. Can only imagine what fun it would have been to play in SD with 100% penetration, no computer modeling software, not as much heat, etc....

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