Progression Play Trip Report
  • Been away for a while testing stuff, playing with homebrew radios, and enjoying Thanksgiving. Oh, and visiting the casinos a few times. For quite a while I've been tinkering with the idea that I can use the A5 method to some degree in progression play. A few observations based upon sims first.

    ONE: if you play Blackjack using Basic Strategy, but leave the table when the A5 score is -7 (after starting at -2 for S17 with or w/o surr., or at -3 for H17), you will reduce the house advantage by HALF. This seems a rather good indicator that things are going bad and may not improve soon.

    TWO: If you use the A5 method coupled with a progression, this -7 score is also a good stop-loss indicator during losing streaks, or more lose than win periods.

    As such, I thought to put sims into the real world and play a progression ramp based upon the win % of 6D S17 LS (1.4x). Ramp is 25-35-50-70-100. If you win the 5-in-a-row you go to a 35-50-70-100-140 level. Get lucky and win 5-in-a-row, and the last level of 50-70-100-140-200 is played.

    I brought a grand for three $300 sessions. WOW! On the first day I never dug past $100 and got to level 2. I quit with a double-up of $600.

    Second day was a grind, and after 2 1/2 hours of play quit with a $50 loss primarily due to time constraints.

    Third day was like the 1st day but I got HOT and managed a $800 win to the $300 bank. I played on level 3 and won a $140 bet twice (but that means I lost a $200 bet twice in all fairness). After losing the 2nd $200 bet I called it a day.

    Fourth day another grind for 3 hours + for a small loss of $100. Never got to level 3, and kept losing the $70 bets on level 2. Bad doubling really stung here. Several poor draws to 11 vs. 4 to 7 coupled with the small card under for the house. This cudda been a winning day.... but for a few small cards ill-placed.

    Fifth day started like the 4th day, but got hot after 2 hours and I got to level 3 and finished the progression. Big hand here was a pair of 3's vs. a dealer 5 for $140, both were doubled as a 6 and 7 were drawn with an Ace and YET ANOTHER ACE for the kickers. Dealer flipped an 8 and drew a Q. BIG WIN !!! YAAAAAAYYYY. The $200 KJ vs 7 seemed almost a relief. And after a $50 bet as the next bet went south holding 18 vs. 9, I cashed in over 1800 for a 1500+ day at the tables.

    Sixth day not so fun... dropped the $300 bankroll, and played the 2nd one to a small gain of $75 in 3 hours. This was almost mind-numbing, as it was fairly quiet at the table with only 2 other players. And the waitresses ran away. Talk about your cold coffee....

    After these six excursions, I decided to make a tweak by using the A5 method coupled with the progression. I will report these on-going excursions a bit later, but things look positive for now.

    Hope all had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • N&B, was this at Mohegan? I was leery of going this week. I understand they had a big Asian themed weekend (from what I've read this is a sort of traditional weekend for casino play) and I just figured the crowds would be too much. What was your final outcome?
  • Yes. But not this week. As you correctly point out this wouldn't be my best play period due to the holiday. I don't as a rule play during "tourist" periods (re: major holidays). This was in the period up until last week. I was also playing a second session using A5 with progression play. Just a few under the belt, and it needs a few more sessions for the proper feel.

    $1000 + $2240 profit = $3340 bank.

    Best series of play in a LONG time. But that was an incredible streak of 26 winning sessions in a row in 1992, for a total of $20G's + (NOTE: some of these 'wins' were only $75 or so after returning from losses, I simply quit after being in the hole much of the time. No win was less than $75 and one was $3800. Many in the 400 to 800 range)
  • Congrats! Nice to see numbers like that.

    Think I will hold off until the beginning of January. Just too hectic until then. Time to woodshed for a few weeks!

  • Great win, Nickels......Congrats.......Grif'
  • Indeed jm... got a nice AyC cigar and a little Pinch. A taste of the good life for a bit is in order. Cheers.

    Thanks Griff... I just wish the old A5 was holdin up a little better this year. But I'll take what they give me.... with a smile and a little tip. ;o)
  • Nickels_n_Bullets said:
    Indeed jm... got a nice AyC cigar and a little Pinch.

    Know what? Think I'll pretend I won today and get a bottle of Pinch too. Too good to resist!


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