Blackjack in Biloxi or Gulfport
  • Anyone have know what the current BJ rules are for each of the casinos in Biloxi/Gulfport (what kind of pen., what kind of rules, how many tables for each, etc.)? Am planning a trip and would like to save days wasted by going from one casino to the next searching for a decent table.

    BTW, this site is AWESOME!!!! Answers are always great!
  • This is a BIG list, and its free. Note that some places haven't been updated in a while, but for the price... well worth a peek.
  • I just returned for the Beau. We arrive Sunday about 3:00pm and left for home today, Tuesday, at 9:30am. I'll post later on my results.
    At the Beau Rivage, the tables are arranged in the shape of a T. The vertical part of the T leads from the front entrance. I think there were5 or 6 bj tables there, all of them "dealer must hit on soft 17". When you get to the horizonal part of the T, all were "dealer must hit on 16 and stand on 17". There were 5 or 6 single deck games paying 6/5. All multideck games pay 3/2. There were about 8 of these tables. Minimums were $5, $10, maybe $15, $25 and maybe $100. All that I was looking for were the $5 tables so I don't remember the others, sorry. At 8:00pm Sunday the only $5 table change to $10. Monday and Tuesday there were about 3 $5 tables.
    Monday morning we visited the Casino Magic. It was very small compared to the Beau. I think that all bj tables that I saw there were dealer hits on soft 17.
    Tuesday morning we visited Boomtown and it was also small, only 3 or 4 bj tables, but these were dealer hits on 16 and stands on 17.
    According to the Casino Directory in "Jackpot" Magazine ( the Beau has 90 table games, Boomtown 22, and Casino Magic 30.
    I would recommend that you call each casino as maybe the rules at each may change.

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