Stand on H-16 against 10?
  • While reading another thread, I got the impression that people were saying that according to BS, you stand on a hard 16 (with three or more cards) against a 10. Did I understand that correctly? And if it is correct, could someone explain why (including whether this changes for the # of decks, etc.).

    Also, if that is correct, are there other similar variations to the BS chart when it comes to hands with three or more cards? Thanks in advance.
  • Fred Renzey, in BJ Bluebook, says to stand on 16 V 10 if your 16 has one or more 4's or 5's in it. A 16 v 10 is such a close call that a 4 or 5 in your 16 makes it a better % bet to stand than to hit. On all other 16 v 10's Renzwy says to follow BS and hit.

  • Looking at it a different way, you may hit a 3 card 16 if there's ONE 6 in it. Since the hand 5-5-6 also has TWO 5's in it, you stand.

    I find it easier to remember the rule this way. The only hands you hit are A69, 268, and 367. The rest stand. This for Basic Strategy.
  • jlc- not for 3 cards, but 10,2 vs 4 may interest you. It's called Dr Pepper
    and applies to 6 or less decks. You should hit this hand, but all other
    combinations that add up to 12, stand. For example: 7,5 or 6,6 are
    cards that could make your hand but they are showing. Once again,
    it comes down to card removal. In 8 deck, due to the great volume of
    cards, the effect is washed away and simple basic strategy should win
    the day.......................All other combinations will at times include more
    than two cards.
  • The Dr. Pepper Rule does not apply to 6deck HIT soft 17 game.
  • Correct, as always there are exceptions...........Fun ain't it!
  • Thanks for all the insight. I'll make sure to have all this stuff memorized -- and prolly get my hands on the Bluebook -- before my next Vegas trip (Jan 6 -- can't wait!).
  • Dr Pepper rule for BS:

    HIT soft 17... 1 or 2 decks only
    STAND soft 17... 1 thru 6 decks
  • I just looked at a chart of dealer outcomes. For 6 decks and stay on soft 17, the dealer will bust about 21% with a 10 card showing. So, by staying on any hand that is not 17 or better, you are betting even money on something that is actually a 4:1 proposition. Because of that, I hit 12 thru 16 against a 10 or Ace, always. Unless I have surrender. Then I will surrender 15 or 16 against the 10 or Ace.


  • Hit or not to hit 16....... To get a good hand 19-20-21 you have only 3 cards that will give you this... 3 cards out of 13 (in a deck) is 25% chance of making one of these three hands.... You have 6-7-8-9-10-a-j-q-k that will bust you.... or a 62% chance of busting..... getting an A or 2 gives you nothing but another poor hand (17/18)....... which way will you choose???

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