The New Market Wizards and Blair Hull
  • Hi,

    I thought that some of you would be interested in an interview with an ex-pro blackjack player featured in the book 'The New Market Wizards- Conversations with Americas Top Traders' by Jack D. Schwager first published in 1992.
    ISBN 0-88730-667-5.

    The author interviews successful traders across a range of financial areas. In one of the chapters, named, 'The Money Machines' he interviews a guy named Blair Hull. Blair Hull claims to have been in the team alongside Ken Uston and a sizeable proportion of the interview is talking about blackjack.

    It is quite interesting how he relates blackjack and trading and I remember seeing a documentary that said that Edward Thorpe made a bit of money on the stockmarket after his time playing blackjack!

  • Ed Thorpe was the founder and manager of a mutual fund in Baltimore for years after he quit playing BJ as a professional. Think, but not 100% sure, he sold his fund to Legg- Mason Money Management Co. a few years ago.


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