A public "thank you" to Fred Renzey
  • I'd like to publicly thank Fred Renzey for writing Blackjack Bluebook II and turning me into an Advantage Player.
  • Sounds like BlackJack BlueBook II was a good book from all the great reviews I have read about it... Now only if UPS would hurry up and deliver it to me I am anxious to start reading it :-)

  • I am about two thirds of the way through his book and have really enjoyed it. I am skipping the part on card counting and plan to return to those chapters later.
    I especially like the chapter on Front counting.
    Thanks Fred!
  • The suspense is killing my book should be delivered today or tomorrow hopefully!!!
  • Bruce-
    Starting with the chapter on the Ace Ten count and then proceding to the chapters on the KISS count then KISS II and KISS III finally I was amazed how easy he made it for me to learn how to count!
    I believe blackjack becomes a whole new world after you learn to count-I feel I'm in control-not the dealer,the pit critters or anyone else!
    Best of luck-
  • Prog... I'll have to take you word for it. I think that I lack concentration skills required to count cards. I think I'll start with the Front Count method and then once I gain confidence and are more at ease playing I might move up the Hi Low or Kiss methods.
    Best of luck and merry Chirstmas to you!
  • Note that you can practice counting without using it in a casino until you feel comfortable with it. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.
  • and Fred shows you in the exactly HOW to practice counting down a deck,and like Gorilla says it gets easier as you continue practicing!
  • Yes, a wonderful book. I read it earlier this year. It has become my BJ reference tool. It got me on a good start with advantage play. Having more control and knowledge makes the game more enjoyable.
  • I just finished reading KNOCK-OUT BlackJack and I am now reading BlackJack BlueBook II....

    I am currently on Page 97 and WHOA!! Loads of information and different ways to look at the game of BlackJack that I have never even imagined..

    I am going to read some more right now!!!


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