Playing One on One
  • Just spent two frustrating days playing bj at Skagit Valley Casino where there are only about 6 tables. Seemed if I played one-on-one with the dealer I was stacking up the chips and as soon as the table started filling up (obviously with beginners), things went immediately downhill. For example, the time finally came to really buck up. I made my $ a 5/6 to a dealer's 10, doubled up on that, and then the guy beside me stood on a 14!!!..I got his 4 for my double down (I was anchor)...the dealer my 10. If only people would stop standing in these ridiculous situations maybe the casinos wouldn't be raking in the money they do! Ahh...good to vent. How many people out there prefer to play alone with a dealer right from the beginning of the shuffle?
  • Now, now redstar you won because the dealer had to bust......unless
    the dealer doesn't have a hole card.
  • ..maybe I just have anti-social tendencies...LOL
  • next time he will get the 4 and pass the ten to you and you'll love him.
    That's good for one drink anytime.....

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