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  • Is it worth getting involved with online casinos? I am too young to go to a real one, so I'd just get my mom to deposit some money and then play blackjack and try to win some money. From what I understand though, they use a completely random number generator for each card, so card counting would be pretty much useless right?
  • Correct as far as the counting question. But there are bigger issues. It is most likely illegal for you to gamble on the internet if you are under 21. And in some states, gambling over the internet is illegal period.

    Better to reach 21 without a criminal record. :)
  • Hey I have another question about Online Casinos. Do you think the chances of winning are about the same as in real life? And do you think the chances of winning with play money are the same as playing with real money (you know how the casinos have 'Play For Fun' and 'Play For Real')? I'm talking about Casino Tropez by the way.
  • I have heard many stories about new online players that win like crazy with play money, then sign up and lose their shirts.

    BJ is a losing game without counting, period, except for a very few single-deck games that actually have a very small advantage against the house.

    In an online site, they shuffle after every hand, so counting is out. That means a virtually infinite deck which increases the house advantage somewhat. Then they have some bad rules depending on where you play. For example no resplitting pairs or whatever. They are a money trap that you should avoid if you have any real interest in winning money. Some have made money by "bonus hustling" but the online stores have caught on and the opportunities are not nearly as widespread as they once were.

    Save your money and go to a real casino after you have learned to count. Then you can make some money. How much depends on your counting skill and your bankroll/betting level.

    Whether they are honest or not is a question without an answer. For example, they could be honest 99% of the time and still add to their "edge" in the game...
  • Howdy Folks :wink:

    Out of interest has any one tried counting in the real dealer blackjack on line? take care and be lucky


  • Thanks for the replies everyone. I have decided not to invest any money in online casinos. I don't feel like starting another new thread, so I'll just ask here. I was reading on a message board somewhere that making money with blackjack is pretty much over. They say that you will almost always get caught right away if you are counting the cards and they will ask you to leave the casino. Is this true? I want to get into card counting so I can raise my chances of making money, but I probably won't learn if it won't get me anywhere. Can you still make money with blackjack?
  • it is (a) tougher and (b) depends on how much money you want to make in a year. The higher your goals, the more difficult it will be to get past casino pit personnel and "eye" folks.
  • When you ARE old enough, I would suggest playing at a $1 table (if there are any where you live), count and use a 1 to 10 spread according to the count. Or $5 to $50 if there are no $1 tables. Do that for a few visits and see how you're doing. In other words, don't dive right in. And I'd say bring $500 for the $5 tables to cover you for the short run.

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