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  • I have learnt a lot reading the strategy pages, sometimes it's more like reading the alphabet. Remember some of us are rookies. It would be helpful if someone would make a index of the most used terms and shortcuts that are being used in these messages. Thanks for the knowledge. :?
  • Are you referring to these abbreviations?

    S17: Dealer stands on soft 17
    H17: Dealer hits soft 17
    DAS: Doubling after splitting allowed
    DOA: Doubling on any two cards is allowed
    LSR: Late surrender is available
    RSA: Resplitting aces is allowed
    If there is an N in front it means No, as in NDAS, which means doubling after splitting is not allowed.

    And, of course...

    BS: Basic Strategy (although it could stand for something else)
    BJ: Blackjack (although it could stand for something else)

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