Blackjack books
  • I've read and reread Blackjack Bluebook II (Renzey), Knockout Blackjack (Vancura and Fuchs) and 21st Century Blackjack (Thomason). I feel like I've got a pretty decent handle on the game, as well as on a couple of counting systems and progression play.

    What should I read next? Is there a book out there that could really help further my knowledge and understanding of the game? I don't think I'm interested in more complex counting systems (at least not yet, anyway), so I don't think I'd want a book just about one of those. But is there anything else out there?

    How about Professional Blackjack (Wong)?
  • Why not just go out and play blackjack and put your knowledge to use. You've read and studied the best of the best. You will fine tune at the tables.
  • I think Wong's book might be a bit too technical for a beginning player, although some of his candid remarks about the game are interesting. I edited a book entitled, "109 Ways to Beat the Casinos" which you might find helpful... it offers short, specific tips on how to reduce the house edge on all of the games. Scoblete, Renzey, and Tamburin were contributors to the book, as well as others.
  • jlc... why not test your skills with a simulator before playing in the real-world. There are at least 2 worth buying. CVBJ and 678... Each has its price points and serve their respective purposes well. So far you seem to be investing well. The addition of a sim is equally important. IMHO you will find it to be a valuable aid for tune-ups and pre-trip exercises.
  • Sorry, I didn't mean to give the impression that I'm a complete amateur who has never set foot in a casino. I'm certainly nowhere near the pros and other very experienced players on this board, but that's not to say I haven't logged a few hours in the casinos.

    Nevertheles, I do appreciate the advice. So thanks for that.

    Anyway, my original question should have been framed more like this -- In addition to spending more time at the tables and otherwise practicing my counting, what else could I be doing to become a better player? Are there other books I should be reading? Any other sources of knowledge/info?

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