blackjack system
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  • What is this nonsense? You have good systems to trade, but you want one that wins? Don't you _already_ have one that wins? If so, why do you need another?

    You don't live downwind of some kind of drug factory or something, do you?
  • Here's mine... Bet Bank in Baccarat you'll lose your money 5 times slower, and thats winning compared to Roulette.
  • I like Henry Tamburin and Dick Rahm "streak count system" for Blackjackplayers. It gives you a 0.05 advantage. Although i'm not a big proponent of edge play(iebig spread card counting) this system gives you a good balance of edge and low volatility play. Futhermore you only need 120 units to play thus can play blackchips fast!! Its a great mixture of progression and card counting!! You can find the system in in Tamburin "Take the money and run book.

    Good luck

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