Two Pit Critters...."But, he's not looking at the cards
  • I was playing BJ recently in the East and overheard two PC's talking about some player increasing and decreasing bets. I couldn't catch the entire conversation, but it was obvious the guy was winning big. They thought he was a counter, but he never looked at the cards....they couldn't figure it out. I immediately thought that he must of had another low limit player doing the counting and he was making the plays. Does this make sense?

    Best, Jim
  • Since I'm mostly vanilla basic stategy player and am too lazy (or dyslexic..ha ha) to count, sometimes I will seek a table with some serious (usually Asian) players who aren't drinking and have stacks of chips in front of them and I play my chips according to what they do and assume they have a good count. Usually works but it may be just because the dealer is not hot at the particular time I sit down. I play for a short time doing this only to double my bankroll, say $200 to $400 and get outta there.

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