Cruise Ship BJ Tourney
  • Royal Caribbean Rules:
    8 deck, Hit 17, DAS, No Surrender

    -$20 entry fee (receive $500 in Fun chips)
    -Each preliminary round consists of 7 hands.
    -The number of entries determises the number of preliminary rounds.
    -Players may re-enter for an additional $20
    -Players must play every hand on one box only.
    -Players' fun chips must be visible at all times.
    -Regular house rules apply. Except there is no insurance and blackjack pays 2 - 1.
    -Minimum bet is $25
    -Maximum bet is $500
    -Top 7 scores from the preliminary rounds are placed on the tournament leader board. Seven players will play in the tournament final round.
    -Players whoe tie for 7th on the leader board after the last preliminary round, will enter into a playoff before the start of the tournament final round.
    -In the event that one player attains two or more of the seven top scores, the players' lower score(s) will be eliminated from the leader board and the player(s) with the next highest score(s) will enter in the tournament final round.

    Final Round
    -The final round will start at the completion of the preliminary rounds.
    -If a player is not present for the final round they will be omitted and the final round will continue with six players.
    -Players will choose their seats according to their score on the leader board.
    -The order of betting for the final round will be explained by the dealer (in round 1 first base bets first and then the betting moves to the next person in the next round, etc)
    -1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes will be awarded to the players after all seven hands are completed.
    -In the event of a tie, the prize money will be divided accordingly
  • In the preliminary rounds there was no order to the betting and you could easily wait until all the others bet before placing your bet.

    On our cruise there were two tables (each with 7 players) running simulaneously and there were 7 fights. So there were 7*14 = 98 entries.

    People "volunteered" to play meaning that you were not assigned a flight so there was some advantage to waiting until a later flight so you knew what to aim for on the leader board.

    After the preliminaries the top 7 scores ranged from $1100 to $2300 (My wife was tied for 3rd with $1800!)

    The final payout table:
    1st: $450
    2nd: $280
    3rd: $170

    A total payout of $900 which is fairly poor considering they took in 98*20 = $1960

    In addition to the payout the top three also received two nights at the Las Vegas Rio valid Sunday - Thursday.

    By the way my wife finished 2nd overall and we had a great time!
  • Just returned from a Princess Cruise. BJ Tournament was pretty standard .. but the only cash prize was $500 for 1st place regardless of the number of entries.

    There were 80 entries, so the house made a hefty profit. Really turned me off, because I've been on other cruises where there was cash for the 1st 3 places and it was proportional to the amount of entry fees collected.
  • It think it all comes down to who is running the gaming operations. I know on Hal, Carnavel? has a contract to run all gaming operations. How long did the tour take? How much money do you think the casino lost while hosting tour? I can see a large rake if I correctly understand your posts.

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