Master Counters....+1.5%
  • On surrendering, I surrender 16 vs 9, 10, or A, regardless of the count. I surrender 15 vs 10 at a TC of 0 or higher, and 15 vs 9 or A at TC of 2 or higher. And there is even an index play for 14 vs 10, surrender at +3.

    I didn't understand your "double 7's to 10's." I never double a 7 hand myself, except for a soft 7/17 hand. The only non-BS doubles I play are 9 vs 2/7 at TC of 1 and 4 respectivel, and 10 vs 10/A at a TC of +4, and 11 vs A at a TC of +2.
  • Stainless Steel Rat:

    Thanks for the information as it always helps. Regarding the double 7' mistake in the way I posted it. I guess, I should have said, do you surrender 14 when the dealer has 10. I was using double 7's as an example of 14, which was bad posting.

    Thanks again,
  • OK, then if the TC is right to surrender 14 vs 10, then I surrender all 14's...
  • Stainless Steel Rat:

    Thank you kindly

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