Book...BlackJack Zone by Eric Jacobson
  • Just curious if anyone in this community has read this book, and is it worth purchasing.

    Thanks, Jim

    I highly recommend Fred Renzey's Blackjack Bluebook II. A lot of good information for a person not interested in counting at the present time, or learning to count. No question woth the money and time.

    Best, Jim
  • I've known Elliot for quite a while although non-BJ related. I have not yet bought a copy but he recently posted ( that Barnes and Noble are going to carry it, which means I will probably get one soon.

    Knowing him, it will be a good read...
  • Yes, it's Eliot Jacobson. The book is for people who have been playing blackjack for awhile, who suspect they could be playing better, but aren't sure how. He says if you're an experienced card counter you should put the book down and go play BJ.

    I have the book, and I think it was worthwhile to read it.
  • caught me. didn't notice the two 'l's I had typed. I think there is a web site named after the book, which has one chapter available for reading, to get a feel for the flavor of the book...

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