Indians returned the infected blankets to me...
  • Well, I just returned from a the "big gambling tepee" in Western New York. Armed with all my studying, research and practice I was scalped. I starting to believe I have ADD. I attempted for the first time to actually put in practice all the reading, etc. of approx. six months and was in a fog the entire time. After a 12 hour session in which I was going to stay overnight I just drove home madder than hell at myself. It's not the money lost, it's more being down on myself for not being able to correctly use the knowledge learned into a or lose. I just couldn't front count, back count, table count, etc. because of all of the distractions, etc. Trust me, I'm not complaining about losing....I'm mad at myself for not having the ability to put any of my learning into successful playing. Am I going to stop...NO. I still believe a handful of professional counters can turn the casinos in their favor, but it takes a hell of a lot more time then reading, writing and wishful thinking.

    I need a break from this for awhile because it was becoming too much a daily part of my life. I'm now convinced that 99% of said counters out in BJ Land are only fooling themselves and like to see their bullshit success stories in forums.

    Good Luck, Jim
  • Jim,

    Hello! I feel your pain. My very first time hearing about all this card counting stuff, I felt empowered. Went to a Connecticut casino and got my butt handed to me. Like you said, I don't mind losing. I mind not being able to count and take advantage of the info I learned. It makes for a long drive home.

    What I did was kick up my practice. I bought a used shoe, filled it with 8 decks and practice every day. Now to account for distractions, I have the TV on, my wife asking me questions etc. Believe it or not, after a little while, you get into the zone and can put aside the distractions and count. The ultimate test is when getting to the cut card, I then count down the remaining cards to see how successful I was with the count. Over time this has helped. I actually got back some $$$ from the same casino. Now there are still those days, when you are counting correctly and GOD just says not today man. For example, I was at the casino (I use Renzey's mentor count) and the true count was +26 with ~ 3 decks left in shoe. The bells and whistles were going off. I laid down my max bet $120 and wouldn't you know I ended that shoe down $800. S*** happens sometimes even when you are counting correctly, managing your bankroll and wonging in and out

    I am currently looking forward to a june trip to vegas.

    Best of luck. take care,
  • I am also learning with cvbj using Kiss II.

    It is starting to all click and it is becoming much easier to count while playing the cvbj game.

    I always start with some flashcard drills (using 2 to 4 or 5 cards) and then do various counting drills, as SSR has suggested, before playing the game.

    It needs to become second nature.

    At the casino I can count part way throught the shoe but some sort of distraction will eventually derail me. Some examples would be... a soft hand where I need to take multiple hits, fast dealers, and talkative pit bosses.

    Keeping the count seperate from the actual total of the hand is starting to become a little easier with practice.
  • More thoughts.

    A couple weeks ago I went to MS in CT on a weekday morning and played some $10 6 deck.

    I was at a table where the dealer made a point of cutting the deck deep.
    1 deck or less was common.

    These are the days where it could really pay off.

  • Chuck,

    Wow, I wish I was at that table. 1 deck from the back. My experience at MS is that they usually cut 2 decks, some dealers try 2.5 decks which is too much.

    take care,
  • Chuck,

    Also congrats on finding a six deck table. It seems everytime I sit down at MS or FW I always get an 8 deck table. I assume it is random?? I do find a big difference in "the ease of counting" when there are 6 decks as opposed to 8. Maybe I'm just crazy.

    take care,
  • I appreciate all the input. I really do. I would though advise leaving the name of casinos out of posts because it may come back to haunt you.

    Thanks again, Jim
  • mikearruda said:

    Also congrats on finding a six deck table. It seems everytime I sit down at MS or FW I always get an 8 deck table. I assume it is random?? I do find a big difference in "the ease of counting" when there are 6 decks as opposed to 8. Maybe I'm just crazy.

    take care,

    Always plenty of 6 deck games mixed in with csm's near the entrance to the Wolf Den.
  • Jim - good point thanks.

    Chuck - thanks for the info.
  • Jim:

    one important concept that gets overlooked.

    There are successful card counters out there. There are many more unsuccessful card counters out there as well.

    What is the difference?

    Practice. Too many think this is a silver bullet where you can study a couple of hours, practice for a couple of hours, and you are ready to go to a casino and make a large withdrawal just like it is your personal ATM.

    If this were easy, _everybody_ would be doing it. If it were impossible, nobody would try. It is in between.

    It takes patience, perseverence, practice, and money. Not necessarily in that order.
  • SSR....I totally agree with you. I believe to be successful practice would be a daily part of one's life. In addition, if a person does not have time to practice daily for at least a half hour they will never make it. It must become part of your daily routine or forget it. I couldn't keep track of the Ace/Ten count with the distractions going on in casino. This was the first time I attempted, and now more than ever realize what you have always preached....PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND MORE PRACTICE.

    Counting is not for the rec. gambler who wants to enjoy a weekend a month if he is not willing to PRACTICE daily for up to an hour.

    Best, Jim
  • the danger is that a larger bet means your bankroll drains quicker if you are not playing with an advantage. If you screw up the count, and don't realize it, and you bet big because you think the count is +4 when it is -4, then your average bet size is going up, but you are betting big in situations where the house has an edge, and it just drains you quicker...

    that is easy to do. CVBJ is one way to practice. Some of the online casinos can be "counted" for practice although there is no way to "check your work." Or can invite friends over to play and check your counting at the shuffle point.

    Obviously dealing with distractions is a major issue. I try to watch TV and actually follow the program while playing CVBJ on my laptop. If you can follow the plot, and keep the count, and play without CVBJ complaining, then you are "ready for prime-time".
  • Hi Jim, I have now made 11 trips to the Casino since I started to count cards (2 trips per week) and it is definitly no picnic. The negative variance in this game has made me stop and question my ability on many occasions. I'm glad to say that I am showing a small profit at this time which averages out to about 20$ per hour (I keep a journal using CVBJ). From the little experience I have gained, I am confident that money can be made counting cards but you MUST have the proper bankroll, skill, discipline and determination. You must be able to keep track of the game in a Casino or else should NOT start to play yet and keep practicing. In my case, I was able to count cards on my 1st trip but it wasn't easy.

    Good luck,

  • Hello InTraining...No question I need to continue my learning and practice. Yes, now more than ever I understand the need for additional practice before I make another attempt. One thing for sure, I don't have to worry about

    Enjoy your day and continued success.

    Best, Jim

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