"Burn" cards
  • In a shoe game is the dealer permitted at a player's request to show the burn card? In addition, are there any casinos that "burn" a card after every play?

    Thanks, Jim

    The reason I'm asking is the last time I played at an eastern casino the dealer always showed the players the "burn" card prior to the shoe being dealt.
  • I have seen lots of variation. At the Pearl River Resort, I have seen dealers show the burn card when asked. At other casinos I have seen them (a) show the burn card or (b) say "sorry, no can do."

    I have seen (very rarely) a dealer that burns a card after each round. I have seen (in Vegas) a casino that burns a bunch of cards before the first round, primarily I think to thwart counters because you start off with 1/4-1/2 a deck in the discard tray, which screws up the remaining deck estimation if you are not careful.
  • Do not be the one who asks to see the burn card. You will stand out. It's only one unseen card and it won't make much of a difference.
  • I made this mistake recently at an eastern injun teepee and no question it drew the dealer's attention. Good point...
  • I'd agree about "asking". Your goal as a counter is to remain unnoticed. Not overly loud, not withdrawn and focused too much on the cards, etc...

    If you don't know how to act, stand back and watch the people at a few different tables, and notice which ones you tend to not notice much. That is what you want to be. If the pit suspects you are a counter, you are dead. Anyone can pick out a counter, once they "sniff" them. If you don't attract their notice, you will be safe.

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