Surrender Blackjack
  • As a novice basic strategy not deviating from my trust laminated card, would this game be of benefit. I have pasted the article from my Las Vegas Newsletter I received today....

    Stardust Casino offers a newest version of blackjack.
    "Casino Surrender" is a Blackjack winning option that
    forces the casino to surrender, making a player an
    automatic winner. When playing Casino Surrender,
    normal Blackjack rules apply but with an additional
    winning option. That option applies when: a player is
    dealt a two-card 20 and the dealer's up card is a 10-value
    card and the dealer does not have Blackjack; that player
    now has the winning option to force the casino to surrender
    and automatically win by keeping the original bet and in
    addition, winning half the amount of the original bet.
  • That is a stupid option. If you go to and look at the EV for the hand in question (you have 10-10 vs Dealer 10 up, the ev is .554, that is you expect to win .554 times your bet. Exercising this dealer surrender option gives you a .500 EV.

    Now, for the math-challenged, which is the better EV? .554 or .500?

    Now do you see why the casino comes up with these lemon ideas? The other bad problem here is that 10-10 vs 10 is one of the more common hands to have. This is like insurance to the non-counter. It's a loser too...
  • Thanks...I'll avoid it my next trip down. :-)
  • Either SSR prompted it, or the wizard heard of it separately, there's now analysis at:
  • Hahahaha. Yeah those rules are made for the tourists who play for fun or for the uneducated players. A suckers born every minute and theres probably tons of people who take the bait on that one. I wasn't aware of this opton until now. I read up on it thru that link that was posted and it is such a no brainer to take the full win on the 2 card 20. I agree with the one poster in that is a very stupid option.
  • Which brings me to a question: A lot of places now have BJ with 3-card poker. I'm wondering if dealers (and pits) are less attentive to spreads there because of the added complexity ?

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