Vegas Trip Report -- Most Games NOT Worth Playing
  • I just returned from three days in Vegas this morning (Wed night - Sat night). Lost $215 over about 30 hours of table time (still up for the year from the friendly river boats in Indianna about 3 hours away). Mostly my own fault for not being patient enough for the best odds tables to have an opening, but when you are on a short schedule it is hard to be patient.

    With the exception of Down Town, I only found 1 game worth playing. The exception was Fiesta in Henderson -- they had $5 DD, DAS, DOA, h17.

    The Strip was completely worthless. People pushing and shoving to play $10 6-5 or other non-standard games such as Super Fun 21. The only game I actually played on the Strip was $5 6D, DAS, DOA at the Imperial Palace.

    Most of the local's casinos were no better, especially Stations. The best I found was $5 6D, DAS, DOA, h17. Sun Coast had $10 DD, but it was late Saturday evening prior to returning and they were crowded so I did not inquire as to the remaining facts concerning DAS & DOA.

    I found you HAVE to ask about DAS & DOA, especially with DD. Most places do not post their rules concerning and I found NDAS several times without it being posted. Also to my amazement, Sahara's had a $5 SD paying 6-5 that was NOT POSTED as such. I asked whether it was 6-5 or "real" BJ. The pit boss lady adamently told me that 6-5 was "real" BJ (what a b#@*h)! I just walked on.

    At any rate the best games I found were down town. The number of tables and open seats were limited, especially as Friday evening approached. When I began at 5:00 am Saturday morning to get better access, I still had to deal with the drunks still partying and LOSING from the night before :)

    The best games were:
    - 4 Queens - $5 SD, NDAS, DOA, h17. Only "real" SD I found anywhere. Also has excellent penetration.
    - Plaza (West end of Freemont) - $5 DD, DAS, DOA, s17. Only s17 on DD I found anywhere.
    - Several other $5DD h17, but they varied whether DAS or NDAS. Binions and Fitz were DAS, Main Street Station was not.

    Watch out at the Fitz however. They cut their cards very strangely resulting in only about 50% penetration. Basically after the player cuts, they took about 20% off the bottom of the deck and placed into discard. Then they inserted the yellow card. I missed this the first time and thought penetration was good when looking at the hand held cards. Clearly saw the second time and left when they started to repeat.

    Based on my experience I do not plan to return any time soon. In fact I would only return as part of a family vacation, convention, etc. where BJ was not the main objective. Even though the Indianna casinos are 6D (watch out for the 8D games), the DOA, DAS, & s17 are better than any 6D I saw in Vegas.

    Best of Cards to ya'll who indicated you are going in the next couple of weeks.
  • HHarrison - Great comprehensive, detailed report.....Thanks.....Grifter
  • Good report...

    Next Sunday I am going to Vegas and coming back on Friday. I'm going with my aunt so that'll restrict my play, but I still hope to get at least a full day downtown and a full day on the rundown north-strips and near-strip casinos. I usually play low-limits, and usually you can find that only in 6D or 8D. I prefer an 8D where I can afford spreading then a 2D where I can barely afford my minimal bet. I'll also try to get an idea of penetration around there.
  • I stop going to LV years ago. The reason is, on average, the
    Midwest games are as good or better. What more could you ask for?
  • Although not in Vegas, here is the feeblest Surrender rule I have copied and pasted right from our B.C. Lottery Corp. website that governs all casinos in British Columbia! I agree with you it is just so much work trying to find decent tables in Vegas it's enough to drive you to play slots!!

    Once you have received your original two cards, you have the option of "surrendering" if you do not like the cards you received. The dealer will take half of your original bet and your hand is discarded. You can surrender on any original two-card hand, except when the dealer has an Ace or a face card.

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