Demo Vs Real
  • Hi:

    How can we be sure that demo performance is the same that llive performance? I guess that the demo version are biased favouring the player trying to cheer him.

    Anyone has the same impression?


  • I am pretty sure you are talking about on-line casino games. I also have a "feeling" that these free practice games are favored for the player to hook you in. I don't know for sure because I have yet to play a "real" money game on line. FYI, I am considering the $15 tournament game because it was recommended by Scoblete and gang.
  • Thanks for your reply. In fact, I guess that for sure there is some kind of "engineering" behind the software, at least with the demo version. Since, demo version is not or is not needed to be monitored they can put their hands with the results favouring the potential player.

    I have been testing Europa casino and after good moves a flash screen invite me to go for real because is my lucky day. Is not lucky is strategy after all.

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