Best place to play gamble?
  • I've been reading some of the trip reports posted here and sounds like Las Vegas has become the pits for blackjack.
    I'm living in Maryland and found that AC is not worth the drive so I'm throwing out the question to you folks.

    Where do you consider the best place to have a little gambling fun? Play a little blackjack($10-$25 limits), maybe some poker. I'm not into shows, but I do like to eat well without paying a fortune. Not concerned about slots or craps or roulette.

    The one thing I used to like about Vegas was that it was a quick in and out at the airport and the cab ride into town didn't cost a fortune.

    So, where would the good folks here suggest?
  • I still like Vegas. Making my first visit to Laughlin this weekend as well, as it is an under-two-hour drive from Vegas. I'll report on what I see when I get back from Vegas next weekend...

    The MS coast is also good, as are some of the LA coastline casinos...

    Can't stand most Indian casinos however...

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