2 decks or 6 decks
  • If your a card counter which gives you more of a advantage 2 decks or 6 deck shoes?
  • Two decks starts out being 0.23% better for the player. However, shoe games often have somewhat better rules and double deck often ends up being better by 0.05% to 0.10% initially. In double deck, you can usually get away with only a 1-to-5 or 1-to-6 spread. The penetration at double deck is often atrotious (1 deck cutoff), which makes playing with more than one other player unacceptable. You also need to be better at playing your index numbers in double deck. Finally, in double deck games it's much easier to spot a counter.
    All in all, if you're good with a wide range of index numbers, very sly with your bet spreading and have a good "gambler's act", play double deck. If you're just a run-o-the-mill counter, stick to the shoes.
  • I like shoe games because of the flexibility. Here is an example of
    flexibility: http://www.bjmath.com/bjmath/efficien/ssstrat.htm
  • I definitely prefer a 2 Deck game, and 2 Deck is very easy to practice and learn at home, BEFORE you go to a casino and use REAL money!!!...

    There are plenty of 2 Deck Tables at $5.00 in Laughlin, Nevada...
  • Hello, i've been praticing on two decks i've seem sometimes the count goes as high as -11 more than positive.. in 6 decks + more often also. Also can you tell me what indexes are? Also I 've been playing basic strategy a lot and some of the stupid players at the casinos stay on 16 when dealer has high card and also if you have a pair of 8's is it good to split even if the dealer has a high card? i'm not counting just using basic strategy.. Yea I know I could get lucky and get a 3 but if I get a 3 and double down and get a 4 i'm in trouble and sometimes the dealer breaks. I went thursday night to a local casino I went with $200 palyed $100 got my $100 was up $90 then got down to even then took a break and get back at it again then got up to $90 then the rest down hill I left with $15 ahead after 7 hours... . Its not much but at least I made a little not enough for gas though, opinions please... Thank you.
  • Been away in Vegas for a week. Back to the old grind now. :)

    standing on 16 vs 10 is a very good idea. The index is 0, which means you only hit in negative counts. And at negative counts you have a small bet out. At + counts, you have a big bet out and the correct play is more important. If you stand all the time, you pass one of the "counter tests" that casinos employ, looking for someone varying their 16 vs 10 strategy according to the count...

    On the 8's question, you are not thinking about this correctly. 88 vs 10 is a _losing_ hand no matter what you do. But thanks to double after split, on occasion one of those 8's will turn into a 11 and you get a 10 after the double to win. This play (splitting) is about losing _less_, not about winning more. Yes splitting 8's against a 10 could give you two 18's... but it can also give you something better at times when you draw an A, 2 or 3...
  • Stainless,
    Are you saying I should always stand on 16's, not hit? Is there much difference? I have always hit, unless surrender is available.
  • If you are counting cards, stand. If you vary according to the count, this is probably the second biggest counter "tell" after insurance. You can afford the very slight EV loss with a small bet out. The EV for standing on 16 vs 10 is -.54 the EV for hitting is also -.54 if you round to 2 digits. Basically a "flip a coin" decision. But with a big count, where the expectation of drawing a 10 is higher, you want to stand, and it is better if you don't stand at + counts and hit at - counts, to avoid the "counter trap"...

    So if you count, stand. Makes it easier, eh? :)

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