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  • I live in NJ and usually play my blackjack at the Borgata in AC. I just returned from a 5 day trip to Vegas where I stayed at the MGM and I saw there are 2 signifigant rule differences between MGM and Borgata.

    One is that MGM offers surrender. The other is that MGM allows me to split aces and then if i get another ace I can split again. Other than that they are basically the same rules. 6 deck, dealer stands s17, DAS, ETC.

    can someone tell me the house edge difference between the 2 places?

    Im not a counter but I did wind up ahead for my vegas trip. I play BS betting a $100 hand and raise my bet when Im ahead. Wound up winning about $1800 for the trip. and I know since I dont count that I did get lucky.
  • Here are the raw numbers for the rules you mentioned:

    (these from Bootlegger's new book)

    start with +.040 (player advantage)
    for 6 decks add -.542, for 8 decks -.569
    DAS adds +.142%
    RSA adds +.069 for 6D, +.072 for 8D
    LS adds +.075 for 6D, +.077 for 8D

    Using those, the 8D AC game has a house edge of -.315 if I added correctly. the Vegas 6D game should be -.216. But check my math. The numbers given prior to adding are right out of the book.

    Hope that helps...
  • thanks, that does help. It was weird, I had never played anywhere but AC before and in AC surrender is not offered anywhere, and neither is RSA.

    On a side note, one of the dealers tried to convince me that playing 2 aces is better than splitting them. Funny thing is I had read in 2 other books that same thing, that playing 2 aces as 2 or 12 and hitting on that hand is better than splitting. Based on how often I seem to get 2 low cards when I split aces I almost believed it.
  • michael990 - Do not even consider not splitting Aces...that "advice" is total voodoo. Splitting aces is the singlemost profitable split or double play you can make.........Grifter
  • Grifter is dead right on splitting aces. Why do you think you only get one card most of the time? Because the play is so strong and you get a 1/3 chance on each hand to get an unbeatable total. Of course if you are counting cards, it can be even higher than that in + counts.

    There's lots of voodoo out there. One dealer chastised my son in Vegas for splitting 4's vs a dealer 6 up. That's a basic strategy play against 5 or 6. But he was saying "never split 4's." Same thing when I split 8's vs his 10 up. Fortunately one of the 8's got a 3, I doubled, and he didn't have much to say after I got the 10 on it. :)

    Apparently not all dealers know how to play the game they are dealing...
  • stainless steel rat said:

    There's lots of voodoo out there. One dealer chastised my son in Vegas for splitting 4's vs a dealer 6 up.

    I've seen similar non-BS voodoo about splitting 7s and 9s....
    What's the story with LV dealer? I always thought some dealers can count, I'm surprised a lot don't even know proper BS.
  • last year I had one of the most entertaining dealers I have ever had at the Grand. He had a perfect memory for cards. If someone should have hit according to BS, but didn't. After the round, he would "replay" the cards giving her the hit that would have turned her 12 into a 20, and then went on to point out how that would have affected the entire table. Was a lot of fun as he was dead on every time.

    I have seen other dealers that give really bizarre playing tips. 16 vs 6 - hit that or I'm going to win. 88 vs 6, stand as I am going to break. I'd rather split and win two hands when he breaks. :)

    I had one in vegas this year that kept asking me for _her_ total. "Did I get too many?" Fortunately I watch my total and the dealer's total anyway to avoid payoff errors, so it didn't distract me, but it seemed silly to watch her hit a hard 17 and bust, but I was not going to point that out. :)

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