Shufflers - 6 Decks
  • I play at two Casinos here in the St. Louis area. Ameristar and Harrahs.
    (Hey Splgh -how ya doing?).

    About 6-8 months ago, Ameristar switched their automatic shufflers up. I wish I knew model names, etc but I'll describe them. They used to have these towers that extended straight up and would shuffle the cards. Two sides. Harrahs still has these (along with those obnoxious continious shufflers). Ameristar now has these shufflers that are flush with the table and they - go down and mix the cards (hidden to the table). We used to all joke because it seems like they spit nothing but small cards out. At first I thought it was no big deal but I'm starting to wonder. I swear I see more 6-7 card dealer hands that I just don't recall seeing before.

    Yesterday I ran into an old regular from Ameristar while at Harrah's. He told me most of the regulars have converted back to Harrah's. He said that the cards come out different. That streaks that we enjoyed at Ameristar are simply no longer possible. That with the "tower" shufflers you get a sense of the cards. What is strange is I've counted at both. I'm not the greatest yet but I cannot find that much of a hi or low count variance at either casino. But what I have noticed is these tremendous swings at Ameristar. It can go good but then tables seem to stay cool for hours and hours.

    So, I went back and reviewed my ledgers. At Ameristar, I had some incredible streaks I had put up. 14 winning sessions in a row. 7 out of 10 sessions for 6 months. All before the shuffler switch. Since then, the biggest streak has been 4 sessions in a row and I'm now right around 5 out of 10 sessions. In the meantime, I've won 4 sessions in a row at Harrahs (I don't play there that much - but I think I'm going to switch).

    My question in a long about way is: Anybody know about these shufflers that I'm talking about and over the long run do they affect play. Or is this simply the odds catching up with me? Meanwhile, I'm going to Harrahs until I stop losing :lol:
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