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  • I'm new here, and new to the game. Hi everyone!

    My question is, if anyone will willingly share - what is the longest losing run you've had? Anyone ever lose 10x in a row? 15x? I'm reading up on various strategies and trying to see what kinda sour runs occur in the "real world". Anyone know where I can find streak odds online?
  • While I don't count such myself, I do recall one session (where my wife counted the losses) where I had 23 non-winning hands in a row. There were a small number of pushes thrown in however...

    10X is not uncommon at all.

    Be prepared to count losing sessions in a row eventually. :)
  • What do you consider "not uncommon at all" (as in 10 losses in a row)?
  • Maybe once every session or two at least? It doesn't seem that uncommon. I've also won that many in a row (again not counting pushes.)

    As I mentioned, Arnold Snyder ran a 100 session (1000 hands per session) sim, and over one stretch of 17 sessions, the player was at and stayed below his initial bankroll. Or, stated differently, over 17 consecutive sessions the player ended up losing money overall. I'll try to find his report and supply the results I mentioned, more accurately.

    I just checked my CVBJ practice sessions. Over multiple sessions totalling to 1000 rounds played, I found 6 times where I lost 10 in a row not counting pushes. Two of those 6 had a push in the middle. One of those 6 was 15 consecutive losses with no push or win. Note I did not count consecutive winning hands, but since I came out ahead on these practice rounds, I'd suspect that there were a representative number of consecutive winning rounds although probably not as high...

    So my "once every session or two" seems to be in that ballpark assuming a session is maybe 100 hands total...

    I played a shoe game with my wife while in Vegas. She said "you play, I'll tell you what to do, etc." (apparently playing $5 chips in a crowd is not fun for her). I bought in for $100. The count never went positive. She played perfect BS. She won exactly two hands and went bust for the session. That means that she had two wins, 22 losses, and an unknown (but small number) of pushes. Obviously there was at least one 10 hand losing string (again not counting pushes) in there...
  • Probably seems more common on computer sims than real play. :wink: But if your real table numbers are accurate they are extremely high......not including pushes, you should lose ten in a row once every 1,550 hands.

    To put that in the perspective of most of the forum members playing 6 deck at fairly full tables......That would be only once every 22 hours or so; or not common at all in my humble opinion.

  • I think my point is probably this:

    I've played this silly game long enough to realize that almost _nothing_ lies outside two standard deviations. :) For example, I played this past weekend, and over a period of 30 minutes I was dealt 5 snappers, and _every_ time I had one, the dealer had one. This in a heads-up DD game. What's the probability of that happening? All I can say, from experience, is that it _definitely_ is not zero. Because I had the pleasure of seeing it first hand. Two of the times I took even money in a fairly + count. Two of the times were in grossly - counts. The other was around neutral somewhere.

    I've become sort of "immune" to all this stuff. It just happens. My son often gets convinced we are being cheated. Yet my card-counting almost always convinces me that we are playing with 52 or 104 cards with all 10's accounted for. It also bugs him when watching and seeing me get into a cycle (big + count) of "bet 40, lose, bet 40, lose, repeated until the shuffle." He forgets the times where it is "bet 40, double, win, bet 40, split 3 times, double two of those, and win."

    This is a tough game. I remember someone asking me a few months back (fairly new counter) about "I went to Biloxi, started with a grand, worked it up to 2600+, then lost back down to 1400. What did I do wrong?" I pointed out "your EV is about 20 bucks an hour at that game with your spread. How many hours did you play?" He said about 10. I then said "OK, you won 20 hours worth of EV in only 10 hours. What you did wrong was to worry about it, you are still ahead of your expected hourly win rate." He had the idea that once you get to +2600, you are "there" and you should not lose any of that back.

    Back to reality. :)

    It isn't "if" you are going to suffer losing sessions. It is "when"?
  • For me I'd say its probably 13.

    I know I won 17 hands in a row once because I wouldn't let the guy buy in near third base. I had won four in a row and he asked to come in and I said if you wouldn't mind, I'm on a streak :lol: So he proceeded to count out loud. At first I ignored him but when he got up to 10, I kept thinking the damn would break. It was on a 21 + 3 table and at that time I wasn't counting but I was getting incredible pulls to 21 on every hand.

    I did see something that I've never seen before and the dealer was just as shocked. He told me in 15 years of dealing he's never seen it either.You know how danagerous 2 cards are for the dealer? On five consecutive hands - The dealer had a two showing and a 10 in the hole.

    Ok - thats pretty incredible right there! But it gets better- He busted on five in a row with a darn 2! That left some scars behind :lol:
  • I lost 7 in a row, but was playing two hands at the same time, so I actually lost 14 bets. Interestingly, the count never went negative (and this was right after a shuffle).

    This was at a 5$ table at the Las Vegas club, it was DD game but I do not think the dealer was cheating. There's just bad luck occasionally.
  • I once tied the world's record for consecutive losses with no pushes -- every hand of the shoe. You can't do worse than that. How many hands? Didn't count'em, but there were four of us at the table. Chances are it was about 16 hands.
  • that's why you play the walter prog because after 4 ur out and have no chance at losing more!!! i love you walt! ^_^


  • You mean you can't lose four hands, switch tables and lose the next four, go get something to eat, come back and lose the next four, quit, go home, then come back next week and lose your first four?????????
    Would that be more unlikely?????????
  • it is hard to argue with a person that really _believes_ in progressions as a way to win. :) recognizing a "streak" is an after-the-fact event. No way to walk away from one in the middle. No way to keep playing on a winning streak until after you have done it... And no point in commenting about predicting a streak before it happens or before it is finished.

    However, I got into a losing streak in Vegas a couple of weeks back, and it followed me from table to table, casino to casino, dealer to dealer, and session to session. It just happens. I was glad when it finally ended. And it ended without any help from me. :)
  • To a great extent, the Mystics believe the story they tell. It comes down to the way you think, actually who you are and not much else. If you are of that mind-set, logic, math or example is a pointless exercise. Political history makes this ever so clear.
  • In an Adequately Shuffled Deck, the Dealer should BREAK about 25% of the time (=1 in 4 Hands) for me, when I LOSE 4 Hands in a row, it's time to exit the table until the next Shuffle, or find another table where the Dealer is BREAKING 25% of the time...for me, this has proven to be a very effective way to stay out of a LOSING Streak, of which I have seen 11 LOSSES in a row in a 6 Deck Shoe...I prefer DD whenever possible...

    Also, for me, it is important to Differentiate between a Series, a Break-Out, a Break-Down, and a Streak :
    A Series is 2 or 3 Winning or Losing Hands in a row
    A Break-Out is 4 or 5 Winning Hands in a row
    A Break-Down is 4 or 5 Losing Hands in a row
    A Streak is 6 or more Winning or Losing Hands in a row
  • A Series is 2 or 3 Winning or Losing Hands in a row
    A Break-Out is 4 or 5 Winning Hands in a row
    A Break-Down is 4 or 5 Losing Hands in a row

    Add win one, lose one and you have most of it........Too bad no one
    on this planet can say when or in what sequence these will occur.

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