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  • Hey all... I'm going to biloxi this week for the first time and staying at the beau rivage. i'd appreciate any suggestions on best playing conditions in that area as well as lowest limits. will i find $5 games with decent rules? also, is it possible to find rock bottom craps at $2 or $3 minimums like you can find in Vegas at some places?

    Also, going with the fam, suggestions for daytime family activities? best restaurants? any feedback on biloxi greatly appreciated.

  • I've _rarely_ found $5 games in the Beau on weekends. During the day you might find a 6D game for that. The Imperial Palace seems to always have $5 tables. There are better/cheaper games over in Gulfport if you like SD/DD...
  • Check out the Palace or Treasure Bay in Biloxi-lots of $5 tables-take the advise from SSR and hit Gulfport (Copa better than the Grand). Just remember to stay away from the CSM's (all over) and crapjack (6:5)-everywhere. At night most places around here (Gulf Coast) the limits raise (especially at Beau). At the smaller places, you can usually find decent rules and good pen. Check out or trackjack for more info. Don't even think about New Orleans-nothing good.

    If you're into VP, the Copa has by far the best in the South.

    As for other things for the family, there's a ton of decent restaurants in the area (seafood being the obvious choice for most). Lots of stuff happening on the "beachfront" (flea markets, shopping, etc.) if you don't know what to do with your winnings. Boat rides, watercraft stuff, etc...

    Have a great time! It's hot and muggy, but it's the South...nothing new.

    How 'bout a trip report when you get back?
  • What are CSMs? Thanks
    BTW, I may be heading to the coast next week. If I get to go, I'll report back to the group.
  • Continuous shuffling machines (csm)-beware...
  • I just got back from a one day trip to Biloxi. First time there. I went to Casino Magic. Rules were pretty good. DAS, dealer stands on 17, blackjack pays 3 to 2, double any two cards. It was on Tuesday so there were a couple of $5 tables($1000 max) with 6 decks and a $10 table with one deck(I think). I doubled my bankroll. Best casino trip for me. Glad I boned up on BS before I went. I also uped my bets when I had lost at least 3 in a row. I haven't perfected counting yet but seem to get a good feel by watching face cards (or the absense of them) come out. The key for me winning this time was a decent bankroll and not being afraid to bet big at the right time. I plan on a trip to Tunica soon. Anybody know the best places around there?

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