Las Vegas Games
  • I just got back from vegas and was pleased with the games. There were a lot of single deck 6:5 blackjack games Those tables were crowded with ploppies but I just wouldn't play them. Flamingo & Paris allow late surrender on all six deck shoe games and there were plenty of double deck games. They allow double after split and split up to four hands. Binions, Golden Gate & the Golden Nugget all had good games & Rules. I played basic strategy and flat betting the first four days since I'd never counted in a casino before. Counting in the casino wasn't actualy as hard or as distracting as I imagined. I can see that sometimes you do have to wait for a while to get a positive count though. When ever I took my bet up to four units I'd always throw out a toke for the dealer and let him know "we needed to win this one" I figured I have a better chance to tip the dealer more on a high count and if they're geting paid they're less likely to want to bring heat.
    Had a winning trip and was pleased to see blackjack is alive & well.
  • Did you run into Mindplay at Flamingo? Supposedly they are using this technology to track the cards and when the count gets positive they reshuffle.

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