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  • Hey guys, i've been praticing card counting for awhile now i'm at about 20 seconds for one deck of cards with 100% accuracy.. I have basic strategy memorized and i'm wondering when i'm ready to start doing this at a a casino? Do I have to pratice with six decks of cards??
  • what kind of game do you plan on playing? If a 6D shoe, then yes you have to start counting 6 decks. You are going to see huge positive and negative running counts. I've seen numbers beyond +50, and you have to be able to count 'em and not get lost in large numbers. A single deck can't produce those kinds of numbers. 6D shoes don't even get interesting until the RC passes something like +10 or +12... If you can count one deck in 20 seconds, you ought to be able to count 6 decks in 120 seconds. But you will find the larger RC swings will put you into territory most people have not reached. Everyone can count form 10 to zero and say "blastoff". :) but counting from +37 down by 2's, or from -16 up or down by 2's can be a challenge at first.
  • Thanks for the interesting post stainless I went tonight tried to started to count but I got lost to much comotion going around. Need to train on a 6 deck
  • Thanks for the interesting post stainless I went tonight tried to started to count but I got lost to much comotion going around. Need to train on a 6 deck
  • Hey Joe, in my experience, you will be far better off counting in a Double Deck game than a 6 Deck shoe...just my advice here : master the DD game, BEFORE ever attempting a 6 Deck shoe!!!
  • I already have the 2deck mastered but I dont want to play it at the casino means I gotta memorize a whole new chart but I looked at it only three things changed. but also $25 minimum bet when you play, and I dont have the bankroll for it so I have to build my bankroll from the 6 deck shoes hopefully i'll get a lot so I can go 2deck game so I can give my brain a rest...
  • I'm wondering, If I really should do double deck. Its more easier to count. But the $25 minimum just gets me bad, I would need like a $1000 bankroll Could anybody tell me if I had a $1000 bankroll and counted and used basic strategy how much I would win and also how often the dealer should bust?
  • hi joe-
    the m.i.t. blackjack team played 6 deck shoes routinely and they made a few bucks.
    best of luck-
  • In an Adequately Shuffled Double Deck, the Dealer should BUST 25% of the time = 1 out of every 4 Hands...there are many DD games with $5.00 and $10 minimums in Laughlin, and at some of the Indian Casinos a 6 Deck Shoe, the BUST rate is often about 20% = 1 out of every 5 Hands...
  • Here's a point:

    for DD you need to spread at _least_ 1-4 and most prefer 1-6 or 1-8, assuming you play all rounds.

    For 6D you need to spread at _least_ 1-12 and most prefer 1-20 or more.

    That changes things. At DD at a $25 table, $25-$100 will make considerably more money per hour than playing at a $5 table spreading $5-$100. And notice your big bet (the point where you bankroll is going to fluctuate the most) is the same for either game.

    Don't forget that in addition to the table min,you have to factor in your max bet and that really takes off at big spreads needed to beat a play-all 6d/8d shoe. Now if you wong in and out, that's a different matter, but at low limit tables things are often so crowded that wonging in is difficult or impossible.
  • Read Renzey's response on the topic "2 decks or 6 decks". You may
    want to reconsider what you do based on some very hard realities.
  • MIT is a bad example. It is impossible to use a BP in a DD game, for several reasons:

    1. most are "no mid-shoe entry".

    2. the + count is gone very quickly, making it hard to get a BP to the table before the count has tanked, unless he is standing around behind the table waiting. In such a case he is likely going to be "made" far more quickly, and he is going to be getting up and down more frequently, meaning he is playing less

    MIT played shoes because, as the theory shows, once the TC rises, it tends to _stay_ up. That is, once the TC reaches some useful value, it tends to stay there for the rest of the shoe, though the RC tends to drop toward zero as the high cards come out. That gives the BP a chance to get to the table, and play long enough to produce some profit...

    SD is the best example, where with 4 players you get two rounds. How to get a BP called in after the first round has ended when he only has one round to play before the shuffle in RO6??

    Also the house "edge" doesn't tell much and is by far the wrong way to compare a DD vs 6D game. Most 6D games are dealt to 75%. There are plenty of DD games that are dealt that deeply, and many more that are dealt to 67%. (yes there are 50% games and worse but we don't have to play 'em either.) I'd take that 67% DD game dealt to 67-75% any day, even if the rules were worse. I can provide some CVCX sim data if anyone wants a technical comparison of the games...

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