Anyone know Reno?
  • I will be going to Reno in September.

    Anyone have any experiences worth sharing (positive or negative) on games and accomadations?

    I prefer SD and DD. I will occassionally play 6D.

    I am also interested in Limit Hold'em.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Mostly shoe games from what I've seen. We spent the weekend there when we were in Tahoe. There are some smaller places with SD games, but the penetrations OK at best. My suggestion would be to walk around the town, since it's pretty small, and find some good penetration SD/DD games. If you can't find any, shoe games aren't too intimidating.

    If you want to play limit hold 'em, get on a playing list or in a tournament a few days before you leave. Reno's full of wannabe WPT people these days, so it'll likely be a long wait.
  • I just returned from Reno... lots of decent games if you aren't a serious card counter. Single decks in many casinos, with 3/2 blackjack but with a limit on double-downs -- 10/11 only. Many $5.00 tables at all times of the day, and decent comps and freebies for low limit players. Shoe games are OK, but lousy pen. for counters... a few double deck games if you look around. Downtown reminds me of a shabby version of downtown Vegas, but the games are passible. I stayed at the Hilton... not impressed with the accomodations, and buffet lines are terrible everywhere. Good luck!
    BTW... I lost!!
  • I don't like Reno period. I don't remember ever doing well there.
    Walter- Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I recall that is where the
    H17 started, then moved to LV and everywhere else.
  • Played at the Silver Legacy and Circus Circus. Silver Legacy pays even money on blackjack, Circus Circus pays 3/2. Single Deck is very common with limits on doubling down. I don't care what anyone says, if the cards are in your favor great, if not have a good time and don't count your losses. Little old lady next to me could do no wrong whereas I lost my buy-in.

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