Make A living playing bj?
  • Hey everyone. i am new here and was just curious if anyone here makes a living playing the game of blackjack. i am still learning all of the rules to the game, but have become very fascinated with it. I have heard stories of people making a living playing bj, but i would think that is risky lol
  • I'm not sure "making a living playing BJ" is that common, although there are probably a few that do so. "Making a living being an AP" is more likely. An AP will take advantage of any +EV situation he finds, whether it be video poker, a dealer showing the bottom card card in a 3-card poker game, a hole-card flasher in BJ, finding a biased wheel, classic card-counting/shuffle-tracking in BJ, etc.
  • hi jj-
    read Burning The Tables In Las Vegas by Ian Andersen.
    good luck
  • well just curious ... for anyone who counts cards using the hi/low system ... what would you say is your typical winning percentage? i have heard some people say they win about 90-100% of the times they play at casinos ... and i have heard people say more like 60%. im sure a lot of it just depends on the player's skill but any info from you all will help. thanks
  • You can figure somewhere around 55% give or take a couple of percentage points. Anybody that wins 90% of their sessions is either on drugs or pulling your leg. It just doesn't happen.

    The only way to do that is to play sessions that are hundreds of hours long, each, so that each "session" is "the long run".
  • So what's AP stand for?
  • AP= Advantage Player........Effectively you or anyone else will play
    one session in your lifetime.
  • 55% winning average? .... if thats the case then what is the point in wasting the time to learn how to count? just by playing basic strategy you can win at least 50% of the time .... just doesnt make sense, i would think counting would give you a much better edge .. something like 60-70% winning percentage
  • Making a living playing blackjack can be done. Unfortunately, you need a rather large bankroll, a good casino, and a good amount of skill. If you're just learning to count, I'd highly reccomend the Zen count, which can be learned in Snyder's "Blackbelt in Blackjack" in my opinion, the best book by far and away.

    If you don't have that large a bankroll (under $15,000) just go wonging.

    Anyway, to answer your question, yes, blackjack can become a living, and quite a good one at that, just takes some practice.
  • If you play BS, you are _not_ going to win 50% of the time. You are going to lose your entire bankroll. The house advantage is about .5% which means that for every $100 bet, they take a half-buck of your money.

    The typical AP has a 1% advantage over the house, rather than the house having a 1/2% advantage over him. But that is over the long-run, and short-term fluctuations (aka standard deviation or variance) will cause wild bankroll swings. But overall, you will end up ahead if you play long enough. But no way you are going to win much more than 55% of your sessions. And no way you are going to win 50% of them playing pure BS. You are going to lose most, except for those occasional positive fluctuations that happen...

    Also note that counting does not have much of an affect on the number of hands you win or lose. BS playing departure indices do help some, but not much. You are going to win about 43% of the hands you play or so, period. But by counting, you can predict which of the hands you are more likely to win, and increase your bets on those hands so that even though you don't necessarily win more hands, you win more money...
  • How many new players expect to win more hands as a result of counting?
    The answer is most. When you seek an advantage thru card counting
    you are looking to win more money and not more hands. Looking at
    sims for any good card counting system you will see hand win percentage
    at about 47.5, not counting pushes. It is also a common error for basic
    players to think if the count goes up they are at an advantage and they
    are, but it will not exceed the house advantage due to a lack of player
    knowledge. You must bet more, much more, when the deck/shoe is in
    your favor and basic players lack this critical understanding.

    Can you make a living at BJ? Not very likely. Can you add to your income
    playing BJ? Yes you can, but we are talking about effort, mainly work.
    Most new players don't know a playable game when they see it and the
    way casino conditions are managed in todays environment keeps it that
    way. Casinos make it very difficult to play shoe and DD games the way
    that they should be played and because of that they have a lock to win.

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