anyone go Macau's GOLD SANDS CASINO
  • it uses five decks cards

    player can surrender at any card

    can double at any card

    and u can spilt after spilt or double after spilt

    and u can get 1:1 first when u got BJ and dealer got A or 10

    is it the best for players among the casino in the world ??? i have only go to Macau before and donno other rules in other casino, i go another one only allow double on 11
  • beyond14 said:

    and u can get 1:1 first when u got BJ and dealer got A or 10

    Is that blackjacks pay 1:1, or they allow you to insure a blackjack?

    So long as blackjacks stil pay 3:2, it sounds like you've got yourself a winner.
    Any casino that allows surrender is good in my book.

    You might want to have a look at the penetration next time you eat there though. What I mean is that when they finish the 5-deck shoe, how many decks are left unplaid. If the penetrations better than 70%, then I'd definitely play there, so basically, you need at least 182 cards to be played before they start a new shoe. Try counting how many they play next time.

    If you want the numbers, as long as i'm getting the rules right, BJ pays 3:2, double any 2 cards, double after split, late surrender, insurance pays 2:1, and stand on soft 17...

    Then, if you play perfect basic strategy, which brings the house advantage over you to .5%, then with these rules, their advantage over you is only .07%, or a small enough number that you're even with the house. If count cards as well, you'll have anywhere form a -.07% edge to a 5% edge over the house.

    My advice would be to go for it. If it's your first time however, and you'll only be playing basic strategy, i'd advise you to stick to the table limit, rather than playing a spread or a kelly betting strategy.
  • i usually will get full paid (50% extra) if i got BJ but the dealer got 10

    but i will get the 1:1 when the dealer got a A

    i think it not worth to get the 50% more for the dealer have 4/13 chance getting JQK10 , am i right ?
  • moreover the dealer must stand at soft 17

    and surrender not for dealer got A ,

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