just counted 6 deck shoes today at real casino - ADVICE PLZ
  • wow what a day i've had... First when I got to the casino I sat at a table and counted six deck shoes 5 rounds.. It went pretty well. They had side bet called over and under 13 where you guessed what your cards would be got a lot of those since I counted cards I knew how many cards were there. Anyways my question is i'm thinking I want to do 2 DECK shoe. Can anybody give me advice on it? They usually only use half the deck and you only get one or two hands not even that many if the casino is busy. ADVICE PLEASE!! Also the reason why I want to count 2 DECK shoes get really tired after 6 or 7 shoes of 6decks takes alot of out of you.. but maybe I was just really tired today who knows...

    Advice please!!!
  • You should not be playing a game with 50% pen. With an average of 2.7
    cards per player at a full table you will get about 3 rounds at best.
    This is an unplayable game as well. For example: Right off the top you
    bet one unit because you don't have an advantage. Now suppose the
    first round ends up at a count of zero. You bet one unit for the second
    round and end up with an advantage for that last round. One round will
    produce nothing more than random chance and the dealer has just as
    good of a chance as you do.

    Suggest that you stay with 6 deck and count only the first two decks
    for period of time until things are more automatic. If you have an adv.
    after two, increase your bet based on the count and flat bet that amount
    until the shuffle.
  • If you want to beat a 2D game with 50% penetration, you will need a really big spread. So big that you probably will not be able to get away with it. If you can't find a 60% DD game, keep looking. I personally draw the line at about 65% when possible, and _never_ play if the pen is under 60%... Usually you can find better than 65% if you look around and go to a location where there are lots of casinos in competition for your bucks..
  • Hello, I've also noticed that when a new shoe comes I get up to a count high as -11 should I increase my bet after two hands because a lot more high cards come out first and sometimes I get double down oportunities, also I dont see a plus count until the end and its like +4 and the dealer break. Pretty good penetration to.
  • are you using an unbalanced count like KO, etc???

    otherwise -11 is not very "high". :)

    If you are using an unbalanced count, what is your IRC set to? That will make it easier to answer...
  • Hey SSR what is IRC?? javascript:emoticon(':)').. I didn't ask to see the burn card could that be effecting it??? and the - count got high as -12 or -13 and the highest plus it got was to +4 thats when he started breaking high cards came out first WE had lots of twenties and there were times when he had 17 18 and we would still beat him. but then again there were other times like one or two times when he beat us on his soft hands. note that I wasn't sitting at a continuous shuffler table hand shuffle. Also I was using the HI - LO system and the over under 13 side bet worked beautifully.. THis is funny thing happened the count was at -2 boom a 6 and another low card comes out for my under 13 side bet.. But only missed once but I stopped dong that after the 1st shoe. Look forwarding to hearing your advice SSR always do... Going to pratice some more and tommorow night then i'm going on thursday to the casino with a friend. I'm just praticing a lot so eventually it will come naturall so I wont have to think just look at the cards. Hope to hear from you agian see you...

    P.S it seemed there were a lot more face cardsthen little cards, it was pretty good penetration less then 2 decks maybe..
  • what time zone are you in? i'm just curious... ALso what is irc? thanks.
  • I'm in CDT. IRC is "Initial Running Count". For Hi-Lo we start at zero. Other counts (unbalanced) have an IRC that varies depending on the number of decks in play so that the key count and pivot point are always the same regardless of the number of decks. Balanced counts start at zero...

    I noticed you mentioned using Hi-lo... you can use Hi-Lo to attack the over/under, but I don't remember the indices. Something like TC >4 or >5 to make the over wager, TC < -5 to make the under wager, but I am not sure those are the exact counts since I haven't encountered this side-bet in a long time...

    I think Arnold (Snyder) discusses this briefly in his blackbelt in blackjack book, and gives a simple counting system that can be used to play this optimally..

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