the best online casino to play BLACKJACK
  • I m sure is the best among the world

    livecam dealer , each bet can between $5-$1000

    i tried two times win more than 10000 US there

    the best time is 15000 US

    i think the best is you can mark down all count instead of doing card count in real casino

    and this one is most reliable , dont play at those with computer , they must cheating u
  • For years i've been dreaming about hacking one of those flash internet blackjack sites.. I came close to doing so... I decompiled the flash .swf files for the blackjack games.. It seems to connect to a database server.. Everytime you deposit money it lets you win some and then you lose it all. it just all one big loop. If you are winning $15000 from a internet site why THE HELL DIDN"T You cash out??? or did you? flash blackjack game is where its at if you figure it out how to cheat it... or hack it.. I'm a Unix user and i 'm seeing if I can find a some kind of utility that could monitor the connections that the flash .swf makes to the website and get the information. and maybe then try a GDB debugger..
  • sorry sir , that one i recommend is livecam realtime casino

    never play with computer casino , thats just what a fool will do

    i try two times win over than 10000 US there

    the first time i got 10000 but i m too greedy that i loss back all later

    i get the experience for cut earn at the second time i got the chance

    then i win 10000 Us and immediately go to the cashier to withdraw the first 10000 US and then use the remaining 2xx dollars chips to continue to play , finally i loss back to 5Us only but luckily the last five give me win back to 5000 , so i withdraw it as well

    that s what my experience tell me that the cut earn is very important otherwise u must loss back all your money finally , that s is especailly easy for internet casino , since u dont hold your chip on hand , and the amount in your account never will be enough in our mind ,

    as we must think we can win 10000 then 100000 , .... but most of all , we will loss back all finally
  • Are you talking about those stupid computer blackjack games they have out now the stand up oens like a slot machine? I hate those I never played one and never will. Blackjack better not be replaced by that piece of .........
  • hmmm. I just went to there website... livecam I know what your talking about though I dont trust anything with gambling over the computer... I rather be at a real casino and I can leave with my money not have it put it back on credit card or what ever. and transactions take to long like withdrawals etc. I HATE ONLINE GAMBLING. Rather do it in a real casino regardless sportsbetting and blackjack.
  • yes if u have a casino nearby and which is with bigger or the same advantage for player then just go there

    for me , i have to take near two hours traffic to the nearest one with cost about 50US ,

    i think i iwll just go to the real one two or three times per month , but other days i will play in a reliable online casino

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