The basic rules here are wrong!
  • I hate to put a dent in what you think is right but the basics of this game are all wrong! I have been working in casinos for twenty years and if you were to play at a live table with the rules you have said in this game you would cause a riot and would get punched from someone on the table for messing with the cards in this way.
    also when the dealer gets blackjack and the player gets a 6,7,8 (21) it is not a push the dealer wins as blackjack beats 21! or at least it has done in every casino that I have worked in over the last twenty years (and there has been quite a few)
    This is just another sample of someone who does not have a clue about the real world game, say it is just a game and I would not mind but to say these are for people to learn the proper way to play is wrong and is going to cost those people a lot of money, because they go on thinking they have been taught something that can win them money.

    My only advice would be not to play at all! but if you still want to, then play with the cash you can afford to lose and never expect to win, if you expect to lose then you will never be dissapointed.
  • of coz it s wrong , cause u are a dealer

    u must want all the foolish player to stand at 12-16

    and buying pairs to get the 11x rewards and give u 10% for tips
  • Hey, I think you were my dealer the other day....when I took home a lot of your casino's money.
  • Dealers have never cared when i win. In fact they are usually happy for me, and will help new players out when needed. Pit bosses on the other hand...
    BTW there are mistakes in the strategy.
  • Please elablorate on your comment " would cause a riot and would get punched from someone on the table for messing with the cards in this way." Exactly what "messing" would get one "punched?"
    Thank you
  • Gee, how many casinos have you worked in and why so many? Couldn't be you gave your players bad advise? Just because you stand there slinging cards doesn't mean you know how to play, obviously the years you have wasted behind a table hasn't taught you anything about how to play.
    Am I to gather that you think how one person plays affects another? It doesn't. BS is how to play your hand the best not how to tell everyone else how to play. If someone plays like an idot go find another table but good luck finding one you can keep to yourself. I love how dealers think they know it all when they have to raise thier hand to have someone else make all the real decsions on the game, and I agree with an earlier statement that pit bosses are something else!!! Thanks for the laugh.
  • How you play your hand does afect the whole table! due to all the cards being dealt from the same shoe, if the dealer has a 6 showing then why would you hit on a 12? the dealer has to draw to 17 so needs two cards on the 6 to proceed (except if it is an ace) any card you take is taking it away from the dealer, so if you get a 9 that would give the dealer 15 of no use to him so the next card comes in to play and percentages dictate that the odds of the dealer getting 6 or less is against him.

    I never said I knew everything about the game but I know it is idiotds like you who think there is a system and who screws whith his kids future trying to get a few more bucks, save your cash and buy your kids a treat instead.
  • Just another point to make before I leave you morons to find a system that is not there, I never said I was a dealer in a casino you all just assumed that, I am the eye in the sky looking for people like you so we can kick your ass out if there is ever a day that someone finds a way to put the odds in the favor of the player, and the thing is I know more ways to bend the rules than you could ever dream of and I also know at least 6 ways to count cards and not one is foolproof the best you can hope is to shorten the odds but they will allways be against you the player because if it was not so then the casino would not be there as noone would open just to give money away.
  • You must be surveillance, you don't spell check! What do you think I do? I'm an eye also. Your an idiot for wasting your time learning six ways to count down a deck you only need one! Beleive me I understand the game and how to play. So, according to what you have said, if a dealer has a 6 up I should stand when I can double because I might take the bust card and ruin the rest of the table. PLAY YOUR OWN GAME!!! That's the sure way to win, I know I don't care about anyone I play with. Besides that, if you really know how to play you will also know when to deviate. That pisses off a table better than anything because the average idiot doesn't understand the count or how to use it positive or negitive to your favor.
    Don't get your panties twisted because someone else has an opionion different from yours!!

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