Progression player barred from play
  • This guy is a green chip progression player and he was backed off at Harrah's. So it is not only counters that get backed off. Looks like Harrah's backs off BJ Winners, no matter how they are doing it.....
  • did you mean to include an article? (This is of particular interest to me as I've recently moved from Mirage to Harrah's for my regular play due to more generous comps.)
  • No article and this was in at Harrah's in Kansas. I work with this guy and he is no counter.
  • ok thanks. tough enough to win let alone win and make them think you're losing. how much was this guy up before they shackled him?
  • It was just a polite back off. "No more BJ for you, but you are welcome to play our other games".... At the time, he was up about $1,000 at the table. He was up a total of $4,700 at Harrah's, over the last few months.
  • On the plus side...this shows that a progressive bettor can make money playing blackjack.
  • this is surprising to me as I have been up more than that at three different harrah's playing progressions (vegas, tahoe, san diego) -- i wonder if the decision is a local casino decision rather than a harrah's policy to prohibit winning.

    regarding bj fan's comment that at least progressionists can win -- i say yes, it's possible, short term -- but after a pretty good start, i have returned to earth and statistics have taken over. sld's results are an anomaly -- renzey is right -- the only way to get on top is to become an advantage player. i know this but "hope" (while i solid up my counting) that i can win at progressions. better to wait until i can count and i "know" that i can win with advantage play.
  • Zebra - I was thinkin' the same thing and sent Midnite an e-mail yesterday asking him where this casino was located.

    I have a feeling his answer is going to be a Kansas casino, and if that is the case then I definitely think this is a "local" occurence/policy.

  • Grif' I didn't get your e-mail but, yes it was a Kansas casino. He is trying to get in touch with his host and see if they can do anything. I think it was an overzealious Manager, more than a casino policy. If I was in charge, I would bar the manager and keep the player......
  • Yeah, that is pretty messed up. How much did he buy-in and COME ON! If he's already playing GREEN chips, $1000 is not that hard to achieve!!!
  • He always used a $500 buy in, but he would win or lose Several thousand a trip. His trip bankroll was usually 4 or 5 K.

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