standing on 12 when a dealer shows a 6 or less?
  • Hi im new to BS and understand why you should stand when the dealer shows a 6 (or less) even if you have a total of 12? it seems like 12 is so low that theres not much chance of the dealer not beating it
  • it's not that the dealer can't beat your twelve, you want the dealer to bust. if the dealer has 16, he has to hit. standing on your twelve keeps you from busting and the dealer has a much higher chance of busting
  • if u got 12, dealer got 4-6, stand

    but if dealer got 2 or 3 u should hit

    if u got 13-16 , dealer got 2-6 u should also stand
  • No 13 against a 3 you should hit, this program is wrong there!
  • no,you are wrong bs,you should stand on 13 v a 3
  • do not think this game mimics a real 6 deck is a teaching will do things to teach u......more often than showing 10 will flop a 10...just to prove to you need to hit on 14,15,16's..

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