• I will be going to New Orleans Tuesday or Wednesday to help with the relief efforts of the Katrina disaster.

    Midnite has agreed to monitor the forum while I’ll gone. Please contact him with any questions or problems……….I will answer all PM’s when I get back in a couple weeks.

    Regards….Grifter (Moderator)
  • good luck. I went down to South Mississippi to help family and friends out, a week ago. Looks like a war zone.
  • Thanks Grifter.

    That's a wonderful thing you are doing. Be sure to take extra precautions if going into the "soup". There are all sorts of chemicals in there.

  • Grifter, very courageous thing you are doing. May God be with you at all times.

    c man ... aka Frank
  • Grif- I wish I was in a position to go with you. My daughter taught her
    first years close to New Orleans. The people are great and down to earth.
    They deserve a hell of a lot better than what they got. I know you will do
    your best.......................
  • Find a need......, give an address,.....you'll get it.

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