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  • I just put $42.00 of gas in my wifes Lexus and the tank was not close to
    empty. I have always subtracted expenses from winnings unless on vac.
    with family. Not long ago, $20 would fill the car up provided you had a
    quarter tank. That's a $22.00 hit every time I drive her car. I have not
    chk'ed lately, but it stands to reason that oil and trans. change will be
    increasing as well. The game of BJ is just slightly beatable, a tough nut
    to crack, but now it's even harder to get there.

    That says nothing about casino conditions, which is increasingly more
    of a problem than bad rules. (Full tables and very poor pen) Just my turn
    to bitch a little............
  • Another issue to me is that with the MS coast out of action for a year or two, at least, I suspect my other "favorites" are going to become impossibly busy. Be nice to hear any reports from Tunica, for example. What are the crowds over there like with the coast shut down? Of course, Tunica is a "fer piece" from where I live, so like Ray, gas becomes a problem. I went to fish with a family member over in Mississippi, filled up boat and my truck, 34 gallons in the boat, 19 in the truck.

    Almost went back to the house and parked the whole damned mess. Never thought I would see the day where I would blow almost $150 at a gas station, without even buying a coke, before the trip even _started_...

    One gas station I use on these trips is out in the country, and they have a video camera aimed at each bank of pumps. As I filled up, I stood with my hands over my head. Attendant asked "Sir, why are you holding your hands up like that, are you OK?" I responded "If I am going to get robbed, I'm damned sure going to hold my hands up so I don't get shot too..."

    Pissed her off, but that's life. :)
  • SSR- Tunica may be your best bet. Over the last year, I've started to
    take min-trips (3-4 days) because casino conditions keep getting
    worse up and down the Ohio river. It takes most of the day to get there
    but there are lots of casinos. The rules are about the same in most midwest and tunica casinos for both DD and shoes. You can get special
    room rates on wk days by calling ahead. Last yr I lost from Jan to
    Thanksgiving, took a 10 day drive accross the midwest and won a little
    back, but got all my money back plus a little more in Tunica.
  • Back in the 70's and 80's my dad made frequent trips to Las Vegas. I remember him telling me about getting his air fare reimbersed most of the time. Maybe I should present my fuel receipts to the pit boss!
  • PJ.. in 79 and 80 I did some hardware work on process control for
    oil refineries. We where short on refineries then and nothing has
    changed in over 25 years. If a camel farts in Saudi Arabia we will
    pay a price and most of us know better.
  • I did some math. Round trip to my "local" casino, 600 miles. Mazda gets 26 mpg. That's 23 gal. @ $2.60 for $60.00 in fuel cost. For red chip play, $10 x 100 hands per hr. x .02 = $20 per hr. at the tables. So I need to play three hours just to pay for fuel? Maybe I will take up golf. Na, BJ is too much fun. (Honey, don't forget to fill up the SUV!)

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