• what rights do we retain or lose while playing in the indian casino? can we get locked up or what? have to show i.d. to casino personnel or indian police?
  • I don't know that they can lock you up, but your "rights" are severely restricted. Because those reservations are very similar to "foreign soil embassies". The biggest risk I have heard of is players getting their chips confiscated, and having a _real_ problem getting them back...
  • I have no experience to draw from on this but, I've heard stories of crooked dealers at some indian casinos. This wouldn't surprise me as a I don't believe (correct me if I'm wrong) the state gaming commissions have any jurisidiction.
  • I have a great time playing Blackjack and Roulette at Pechanga and Morongo Casinos here in problems.
  • Emperor Ming- Here in Kansas we have a gaming commission for all four of the Indian casinos. I have played them for several years, with no problems of any kind.
  • In Mississippi, there is a state gaming commission. But for the indian casinos there, the indians have their own gaming commission that is tribal-based. I've not heard anything bad about the MS indian casinos, other than that the games suck (for example 8 deck shoe, 2-3 decks cut off, DD game, 50% pen max). But I have heard of others that have had problems with chips confiscated and difficult to reclaim, etc... In other states however... Seems like CA has had some of this...
  • I was in the center, another guy was right and left of me and a women at 3rd base.. We had one run. I wasn't counting.. I was winning like $100 and the two people next to me were winning $250, and more about 5 or 10 minutes later I saw this employee standing along the side of the table just staring. Then he left. So I guess he thought I was counting or something lol. This was at a indian casino first time someone watched the table heavily. At another indian casino I was acutally counting the count was at +3 and I had a $15 bet out there. and the dealer busted. and the dealer or the pitboss didn't even flinch. ended up winning a lot that night. Funny how shit works.. Also some of the female dealers gave me extra chips when I didn't double down and when we pushed on a hand. Its just a funny story..

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