Is it considered rude, dishonest, or whatever.....
  • to observe someone at a table doing very well, appearing to be counting and varying bet amounts.....and then for me to start mimicing his or her bet amounts while playing BS. IF I cannot get my counting down by the time I go in a couple of weeks, I may resort to that, but I don't want to if it is an etiquette NO NO. I guess I could vary my bets a little from his so as not to make it obvious.
  • Don't do it. It looks odd (and obvious) to have two counters at one table.
  • Yeah man, if you don't have a good plan or a good act then you will attract some heat.

    My first time I ever counted in a casino with my friend as a team we mimicked each others bets. We did this incase one of us lost the count. Turns out that wasn't a good idea. One dealer thought it was odd when we both went from betting $5 on one had to both of us putting up $40 silmultaneously that she made such a big deal about it and yelled real loud for the pit boss to come over. Luckily the pit boss was a good sport and in a good mood, and it was probably a good thing we lost that hand they were observing.

    As the week progressed we started to come up with more unnoticable team plans. You can learn as you go (which we did), or learn from other peoples experiences on this board.

    Oh yeah.. and just because someone is wining alot at the table doesnt necessarily mean they are good and know what they are doing. For instance I went to a casino once with a pal of mine that doesnt know BS or Counting. I was playing my BS with the K.O. method and he was just randmoly throwing up bets based on how he felt and hitting hands wrong. I lost, he won. If I were you I wouldn't be concerned with anyone else playing at that table but yourself. Perfect you skill first. Me and my other counting buddy took 6-8 months before we thought we were ready to seriously sit down and play in a casino.

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