Using a win/loss counter
  • We all know that a good BS player will win about 42% of the time. That being said, will casinos allow a litle counter you can track your wins and losses? I find I have a good experience varying my bets in relation to my being higher or lower to the 42% win ratio. Please don't bash me for my betting strategy, I just would like an answer from someone that knows. Thanks in advance.
  • Not sure if the casinos would allow a mechanical counter. I would think not, although I could be wrong.

    However, I keep track of my losses using $1 chips. I'm always habitually playing with them anyway so I devised a way to make little piles of them and keep track of how many I lose in a row.

    On a related note, I seem to remember some math-head in here figuring that "after" four straight loses the advantage changes to "almost" 1% in your favor. Don't know how accurate that is though, but seems to make sense.
  • This is a no no. I have played in many Vegas casino's over the last ten years and they won't even let you use a pencil and paper. If you tried to use a mechanical counter for any purpose no mater how small your bets they will mark you as a counter and keep you on file for future referance.

    The chip use is a good idea though and is the safest bet. Good luck too you.

  • Its absolutely wrong that after a certain number of losses you have a X% advantage. It makes no difference if you lost or won on your last X hands. What matters is what cards were played to make you lose or win on your last hands within the same shoe. For an extreme example, let's assume the dealer has blackjack four times in a row and you have two face cards four times in a row. You've lost four hands, however, the count is more unfavorable toward you than when you started == less chance of winning.
  • Very true Mr. Chicken...That goes back to the idea that if you don't count
    cards and know the bias of the remaining cards, history means nothing.
    That includes streaks, how you did on the last hand, big follows big, small
    follows small, you took my card and all the other nonsense.
  • I saw one dude "Counting" Cigarettes!!!...LOL
  • FunkyChicken ...

    I'm not endorsing the theory or fact about an almost 1% player advantage after 4 losses. I can't find the thread right now but I remember that some "math-head" card counter (definitely not me ... LOL) figured that out once. Perhaps it was based on the dealer's bust rate of approx 25% (1 out of 4). This is not to say that this is a guaranteed rate for the dealer, for, we have all experienced losing many more hands in a row than we'd like because the dealer's bust rate has nothing to do with how many hands the player wins or loses (we could also lose when he busts, and we could win when he doesn't bust).

    Btw, I use the $1 chips to keep track of my straight losses and the dealer's straight non-bust hands. I reset my counting chips after a win by me, and after a bust by the dealer (whether I win or not). I usually cash in $15 in $1 chips that I also use for tipping, repleneshing them as I use them. Since I'm always playing with my chips anyway (long time habit), and, am very non-chalant about it, I don't think I have attracted any attention. And, if I have, I'm sure the "eye in the sky" was looking to see if I was using the chips to keep "the count," which I wasn't.

    I use that information in conjunction with "my" counting system to increase my bets when the table is most favorable for me to do so.

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